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7 Last-Minute Items for Marathon Runners

The New York Marathon is on Sunday, and more than 50,000 runners — including professional athletes and celebrities — are gearing up for the annual race.
Running a marathon is no easy feat, but amid concerns about training, runners may not have factored in the need for some minor items, like a pair of shoe laces or a water belt. Here are seven items you may not have accounted for that you can get online now.
Shoe Laces
Sneakers are an obvious must-have for a marathon — but what to do about laces? Rather than getting a pair of laces that needs to be retied, try out these elastic laces, which lock smoothly over the sneaker.

Lock laces

CREDIT: Amazon.com

Buy: Lock Laces $15

Water Belt
Hydration is important during a race, and a water belt is a great way to ensure you have water accessible throughout the run. This one is also great for holding smartphones.

QBStrong running belt

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Buy: QBStrong Running Belt $16

Compressive Calf Sleeves
Compressive sleeves can help increase blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. These unisex ones are affordable, coming in at less than $17.

Mava Sports calf sleeves

CREDIT: Amazon.com

Buy: Mava Sports Calf Sleeves $17

Wireless Headphones
Lots of people like to listen to music while they run, and these headphones are

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