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'Treat Or... Treat?' 13 Tweets That Totally Sum Up Being A Parent On Halloween

By Amy Packham

Ahhhhhh, Halloween.

The night when it’s kids who can’t decide what to wear, then totally overload themselves with sugar and don’t even think to share their sweets with you.

As all parents know, as soon as you have little pumpkins to look after, the last day of October becomes a whole different ball game. Which is why we’ve rounded up some of the best tweets from parents that sum up the ghoulish realities of Halloween when you’re a mum or a dad.

As one kid too clever for their own good puts it: “Treat or treat.”

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Going back on everything you’ve ever taught your kid.

Parents: “Don’t ever talk or take anything from strangers.”

Also parents: “Go knock on every door in a three quarter mile radius asking for candy.” #Halloween

— McNeil (@Reflog_18) October 31, 2018

The terrifying realisation that kids + sugar is not a good mix.

The only truly scary thing about Halloween is keeping your kids up past bedtime on a school night and giving them extra sugar.

— Salty Mermaid (@Jenn_H_Scott) October 25, 2016

So excited for my kids to fight over candy, make themselves sick, pee in their costumes, and beg to stay up all night yay Halloween

— MamaFizzles (@MamaFizzles) October 31, 2016

More costume changes than a Lady Gaga concert.

Don’t forget to buy your child’s Halloween costume early. This way, you can last-minute shop when they change their mind.

— Jennifer S. White (@yenniwhite) September 25, 2017

Shout out to all the parents whose kids have changed their minds today about their Halloween costumes.

— Sarcastic Mommy (@sarcasticmommy4) October 30, 2017

But dressing up is easier when you’re a parent, right?

This Halloween, I’m going as a Sexy Parent, which is just a parent who took a shower, got dressed, and is nowhere near any children.

— Dad and Buried (@DadandBuried) October 17, 2017

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The rules of Trick or Treat can be hard to master.

Me: What do you say when you hold up your bag?

3-year-old: Treat or treat.

Me: TRICK or treat.

3: I want two treats.

— “Bare Minimum Parenting” comes out in 7 days (@XplodingUnicorn) October 30, 2017

Do we have to Trick or Treat?! Can’t I just take the kids to the store and buy them bags of candy?

— Jen Good (@buriedwithkids) October 31, 2014

Employing magic to get kids to share their sweets.

And now we play a little game called “I made you, you shall repay me with candy.”

— Carbosly (@Carbosly) November 1, 2014

Halloween means finally getting to open the sweets you’ve been pretending for weeks are for the kids pic.twitter.com/3INf7h1rEQ

— Fiona Marsden (@fifi_marsden) October 31, 2018

Getting crafty about Halloween decorations.

8yo: I want to paint my pumpkin this year!
Me: Cool, what color?
8yo: Orange!
Me: *pours drink* Let’s do it

— Robert Knop (@FatherWithTwins) October 29, 2017

When all that effort is really worth it.

My super adorable headless little Maya 😍 #halloween#halloween2018#halloweencostume#kids#toddlers#headlesspic.twitter.com/qVL8gthd77

— Krystel Hwang (@krystelhwang) October 29, 2018

Realising Halloween is almost over and Christmas is up next. Crap.

As my son picked through his Halloween candy, he asked, “When can we go get a Christmas tree?”

Have kids. It’s fun.

— Sarcastic Mommy (@sarcasticmommy4) November 1, 2016

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