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To DIY for: how to be terrifyingly on trend this Halloween

By Morwenna Ferrier, Ellie Violet Bramley, Leah Harper

Stuck for a suitably spooky costume? Look no further than your own wardrobe for last-minute looks inspired by fearsome fictional characters

If you have left buying your Halloween costume until now, then you don’t stand a chance in the shops. But if you are planning to celebrate (if that’s the word) Halloween on the day and have only 20 minutes to cobble something together, fear not. This year, it’s all about keeping your ghouls fictional and on trend, so you can wear something you already own.

Key, of course, is your subject matter, and what exactly constitutes the 2018 “frightgeist”. We have long retired the sexy cat – the only acceptable cat is Salem from Sabrina – and while political posturing via your Melania Trump outfit is all well and woke (especially now that our Instagram feeds double as a lesson in virtue signalling), it just feels a little bit … sincere. And as for dressing up as Philip Green, avoid it. You’re in danger of trivialising a serious issue in the name of banter.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/oct/31/to-diy-for-how-to-be-terrifyingly-on-trend-this-halloween