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Recreation Means Work and Play at the Moxy Downtown

The line between work and play continues to get blurrier by the moment — and at Recreation, nightlife proprietor Jon Neidich isn’t making the distinction. Located inside the Moxy NYC Downtown hotel, the concept is a coworking space by day, and bar/lounge by night.
“We wanted to create something that was going to serve as the living room for the neighborhood, both as a nighttime venue as a super-fun low-key hangout spot, as well as a daytime [venue] for people to take meetings and have coffee and work,” says Neidich, who also runs downtown hot spots The Happiest Hour, Acme, and Tijuana Picnic under Golden Age Hospitality. “It’s kind of like the living room that you wish you could have, if you could afford 4,000 square feet in Manhattan.”
Mulling the concept of living rooms, Neidich began reflecting on basement rec rooms from the Seventies and Eighties. Running with the inspiration of a low-key hangout spot of his youth, Neidich’s team imbibed the entire space with a nostalgic, retro vibe, also outfitting it with a bevy of throwback games: a Pac-Man table, Skee-Ball machines, even a basketball court. (Unlike a basement, Recreation features high ceilings, a skylight and large windows, introducing natural

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