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How Spending Time With Music Legend Nile Rodgers Has Made Me Even More Determined For Success

By By Jennifer Barton, commercial lifestyle writer

Singer-songwriter-producer Kyan is fast becoming a musician that needs no introduction after being chosen by Nile Rodgers to receive his powerful backing as the winner of the American Express Backed By initiative.

His searing lyrics, unexpected arrangements and irrepressible charisma – not to mention stage presence and self-possession of someone far more experienced – make him a truly electrifying performer to watch live; something all of the music insiders who attended an exclusive event at Abbey Road Studios last month will attest to. Hosted by Edith Bowman, the event was an opportunity for Nile to present his backee to industry experts who were able to preview Kyan’s latest songs from his upcoming album.

Kyan, along with three backing singers and a violinist, performed his new single “Lonely River,” as well as other songs from his forthcoming debut album including “Like Summer”. Kyan’s songs are all deeply personal, he says: “’Like Summer’, the song I sent to Nile which cemented my
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    Nile Rodgers Reveals How Support And Encouragement Changed His Career
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