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The Dissonance of Kanye West: Incredibly Influential Yet Too Erratic for Fashion Brands?

Kanye West has never been known to play it safe.
From his 2009 Taylor Swift stage crashing to his new wave of political engrossment with President Donald Trump, the Yeezy creator has historically dived headfirst into controversies.
While the public has long accepted (and even appreciated) this to be West’s way — the infamous “Bush doesn’t care about black people” comment predated the Taylor Swift saga — the rapper and producer-turned-fashion designer’s more recent escapades have been markedly more damaging to his brand, according to a new analysis by Spotted.
“Throughout the past two years, conversation about Kanye West across social channels has been more negative than the average A-list male celebrity benchmark, with his positive to negative sentiment ratio being 24 percent lower than [his peers’],” the research platform, which analyzes millions of data points in the celebrity endorsement space, said in a report. “Additionally, Kanye’s behavior has also had a large impact on consumers’ perception of him, with Spotted’s data showing that consumers see Kanye as “wacky,” ranking higher than 97 percent of other celebrities for this attribute.”
According to Spotted co-founder and CEO Janet Comenos, there were two instances in particular that lowered West’s appeal with the 25-and-younger age demographic: No.

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