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Here’s Why Taking A Weekend Family Road Trip Is Easier Than You Think

By by Jennifer Barton

As any parent who’s decided to take a full weekend devoted to wholesome family activities knows, you get approximately a day before it all falls apart. We’re talking tantrums, fighting siblings, scrubbing glitter out of furniture and feeling completely exasperated.

One different idea that’ll keep them thoroughly entertained? A mini road trip. A couple of hours in the car to a cool new destination, like a campsite or a city you’ve never explored before, while working in a couple of stop-offs, will give them a blast of something novel, new memories to replenish your bank and won’t cost you loads of cash.

Yes, it can be done. Here’s how.

Get the snacks in

Rule number one when you’re embarking on a car journey with kids? You can feed them 12 breakfasts, but they will still instantly ask for more food once they get into the car. So come prepared. Bottles of milk for babies, fruit, rice cakes, breadsticks and sandwiches all work wonders. Plenty of water is also key.

Make a plan

When it comes to kids and car trips, there is no room for spontaneity. Like, less than zero. First up, get your ride sorted. With
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