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Donald Trump Says Armed Guards At Baby-Naming Ceremonies Would Prevent Mass Shootings

By Chris York

Donald Trump has insisted if the those attending a Jewish baby-naming ceremony in Pittsburgh had been carrying guns then they might not have been killed by a lone gunman armed with an automatic rifle shouting “all Jews must die”.

The President was talking to reporters just hours after at least eight people were killed and 12 injured at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday. It will be prosecuted as a hate crime, authorities have said.

“It’s a very horrific crime scene, one of the worst that I’ve seen, and I’ve been on some plane crashes,” the city’s public safety director Wendell Hissrich told a news conference.

Speaking to reporters on his way to Indiana, Trump said the shooting had little to do with gun laws and the killings might have been prevented if there was an armed guard inside the building.

He said: “If they had some kind of a protection inside the temple maybe it could have been a very much different situation

“They didn’t and he was able to do things that unfortunately he shouldn’t have been able to do.”

The shooting occurred during Sabbath religious services on Saturday, and a suspect was in custody in a possible hate crime, local authorities and media reported.

Many commentators took issue with Trump’s comments with former Pentagon staffer, Adam Blickstein asking: ”Is Trump blaming… the Jews?”

Is Trump blaming…the Jews? https://t.co/gTG3wl3dgW

— Adam Blickstein (@AdamBlickstein) October 27, 2018

Trump is basically saying if only Jews had guns in synagogue Jews wouldn’t have been slaughtered by a Jew hating Nazi wielding a military-grade semiautomatic weapon

— Adam Blickstein (@AdamBlickstein) October 27, 2018

And Labour’s Stella Creasey expressed shock at the comments.

The horror is almost indescribable but Trump actually suggesting armed guards for places of worship and blaming synagogue for an antisemitic attack in Pittsburgh. To Jews around the world and here in Britain, I pledge to always stand up to such hatred and never be a silent ally. https://t.co/olkCyU99GI

— stellacreasy (@stellacreasy) October 27, 2018

Trump also said the United States should harden laws on the death penalty. “I think one thing we should do is we would stiffen up our laws with guns with the death penalty,” Trump said. “When people do this they should get the death penalty.”

A “bearded heavy-set white male” was in custody, KDKA television said, citing police sources saying the gunman walked into the building and yelled “All Jews must die.”

He has been named as Robert Bowers.

BREAKING: Law enforcement official: Suspect in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting identified as Robert Bowers.

— The Associated Press (@AP) October 27, 2018

The shooting triggered security alerts at houses of worship around the country, and follows a spate of pipe bombs found mailed in recent days to prominent political figures, mostly Democrats including former President Barack Obama and the offices of CNN.

Trump’s response was to blame the media for causing a “very big part of the anger we see today in our society”.

He did not acknowledge that all the targets were people and organisations he’s verbally attacked throughout his presidency or that the man arrested on suspicion of sending the bombs drove a van covered in Trump stickers.

Earlier this year after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 dead, Trump said teachers carrying concealed guns could stop attacks.

Trump wants gunmen armed w semi-automatic rifles in every single public place – every school, church, synagogue, shopping mall, restaurant.

The rest of us want to keep dangerous weapons away from dangerous people.

His idea works in action movies. Our idea works in real life.

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) October 27, 2018

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/donald-trump-gun-laws_uk_5bd4a23ee4b0a8f17ef8480a