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Fashion Group International’s 2018 Honorees for the Night of Stars

Superstar — Vera Wang
Vera Wang’s name is nearly synonymous with all things bridal, but her body of work is much more than that.
And this year’s Superstar award winner has experienced different sides of the industry that others may have only observed secondhand. Her Sarah Lawrence years included a semester abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris and culminated with a degree in art history. That appreciation for art is evident in her collections and her homes. An accomplished figure skater, Wang hung up her skates professionally to take her first job at Vogue magazine, where she remained for 15 years before joining Ralph Lauren as design director for accessories.
A few years later, as she was nearing 40, her father “really pushed the agenda,” encouraging her to start her own company, a decision that she wasn’t gunning to do at that time, Wang has said. “I remember the day I signed my lease for my Madison Avenue store, I had such a feeling of dread and fear of failure. My father was downright fanatical about this. He was a businessman. He said, ‘Bridal’s a good business. There will always be brides, and it’s something you can control. You’ll be working just a

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