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The Many Directions of Laura Donnelly

“It’s kind of a Shakespearean ending, isn’t it?”
Laura Donnelly is discussing the shocking final scene of “The Ferryman” (“People in the front row shouldn’t wear white,” says the lead actress), but the play’s journey to Broadway paints a much more optimistic landscape. After its initial run in London’s West End last year, the production picked up various Olivier awards — including for best new play and best actress, for Donnelly’s performance — and decamped for New York this fall, with much of its original cast in tow. The production officially opened this past week, garnering glowing reviews from New York critics.
“We’re not a big musical and we don’t have some huge film star in it, all of the things that would normally help you launch on Broadway,” Donnelly says. “We’re just relying on a really, really good play, and hopefully that does its job.”
The play was written by Donnelly’s partner Jez Butterworth and is based loosely on her Irish family’s history. When she was a child in Northern Ireland, Donnelly’s uncle vanished at the hands of the Irish Republican Army; the play is set in the summer of 1981 in rural Northern Ireland against the backdrop of the Maze Prison

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