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Britain’s Poorest Trapped In Downward Spiral As Infant Mortality Rises, Equalities Watchdog Finds

By George Bowden

Disabled people in Britain find themselves increasingly excluded from society, a new report finds.

Britain’s disabled, minorities, and children from poor backgrounds risk being forgotten as they become trapped in a cycle of disadvantage, the UK’s equality watchdog has warned.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission uses a new report to highlight “alarming backward steps” in opportunities for at-risk groups.

The report, ‘Is Britain Fairer?’, found:

  • Child poverty has increased and infant mortality has risen for the first time in decades;
  • Disabled people find themselves increasingly excluded from mainstream society;
  • Black African, Bangladeshi and Pakistani people are still the most likely to live in poverty, while Black Caribbean people are more likely to experience severe deprivation.

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