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Atelier Cologne’s Cofounders on L’Oréal, Sephora and Expanding Into China

On Wednesday evening, the Fragrance Foundation held a panel moderated by Ann Gottlieb with Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, cofounders of Atelier Cologne, and Jerome Epinette, chief perfumer at Robertet.
Held at the Morgan Library in Manhattan, the panel addressed a variety of topics spanning Atelier Cologne’s approach to natural, elevated fragrances to how Ganter and Cervasel decided upon their signature blue color to the impact L’Oréal has had on the brand since acquiring it in 2016, seven years after its initial launch. The talk also marked the unveiling of Atelier Cologne’s new Spring 2019 fragrance.
Below, highlights from the panel.
On Ganter and Cervasel’s family-like approach to business:
“I’m not a person of compromise at all,” said Cervasel. “I learned, coming to America and spending time with Sylvie here, how important it is sometimes to make good compromises. What we have always been using as a rule with Sylvie is whatever we do — creation of the scents, decision of the blue color of Atelier Cologne — is always finding the compromise where nobody feels that he or she is losing anything. We’re still doing that today within L’Oréal. We like this openness.”

On why Atelier Cologne maintains different pricing for different scents:
“When we launched

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