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Nicolas Ghesquiere and Grace Coddington Talk Fashion, Collaborating, Brigitte Macron and Mick Jagger

Talk about raw ambition — and talent: An 18-year-old Nicolas Ghesquière told his teary-eyed parents he would skip university, move from the Loire Valley to Paris to work for fashion’s enfant terrible, Jean-Paul Gaultier. Without any solid leads, Ghesquière ultimately landed the job, and a few years later plotted his next career move — to “sleeping beauty” Balenciaga. Two years into a job there, the word was that Helmut Lang was the incoming creative director. When the Austrian designer ultimately didn’t sign the contract, the then 25-year-old Ghesquière went from stopgap designer to fashion superstar.
Alina Cho coaxed these details from the French designer Monday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and also got her second guest, Grace Coddington, to share some telling moments, including almost admitting she had kissed Mick Jagger.
Cho chose to interview the two because they have just collaborated on a line of leather goods for Louis Vuitton, where Ghesquière is artistic director of women’s collections. But the conversation unfurled into all sorts of fruitful directions, recounting the intertwined careers of two marquee fashion talents. As Vogue’s former creative director noted, “Neither went to university and we did OK.”
Their bonding moment struck during Coddington’s “Alice in Wonderland”

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