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Jane Fonda Discusses Cinema, Love and Abuse at Women in Motion Event

PARIS — “I had enough of always playing the nice girl next door,” Jane Fonda told a packed Cinémathèque Française theater here, rapping the air with her fist. Kicking off the Kering-sponsored Women in Motion event, the actress explained what drew her to France and its New Wave cinema scene in the Sixties.
She was also ready to throw off her father’s legacy — “I was always known as the daughter of Henry Fonda” — practice speaking French and do a movie with Alain Delon.
“I wanted to see what it was like. But what’s more: Alain Delon, oh, la, la!” she said, noting a kiss in a movie scenario. “It was good,” she added.
Flanked by Costa-Gavras, president of the Cinémathèque Française, and Frédéric Bonnaud, the head of the Paris institution, Fonda held the room with a lively account of key moments in her life and career, speaking mostly in French.
“It so happens that ‘iconoclastic icon’ perfectly suits Jane Fonda,” said Costa-Gavras in opening remarks, noting he wanted to hear about her shift from modeling herself to entertain men’s desires, as Barbarella, to pursuing militant social battles, against the Vietnam War and then for the rights of African-Americans, Native Americans and, finally, for

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