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How Package Design Can Give Brands an Edge on the Competition

Talks on transit, trade and supply chain strategy kicked off the FDRA’s Footwear Trade Distribution & Customs conference today in Long Beach, Calif., a fitting destination as one of Southern California’s busiest maritime shipping ports.
At the crux of the hot topics was the power of packaging — a space where big and small players can reduce costs, embrace sustainability and add value to the customer experience. Allbirds, for instance, incorporates an attractive design inside its packaging with notes on the specific style, sustainability and information on how to return the product.
Matt Priest, president and CEO of FDRA, told FN that to remain competitive, brands should similarly be more “thoughtful” about creating an experience.
“It’s part of the fun, like opening up a present for yourself,” Priest said. “I think it is a trend, but it’s going to be even more prevalent because if you look at our overall sales; our internal numbers show e-commerce is off the charts with double-digit growth year after year. Brick and mortar is having an okay time, but remaining toward flat lining. As more and more customers are being serviced by the brand (via e-commerce), it’s something they’re going to have to tune in to.”
However, to counter

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