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Is Estée Laundry the Beauty Version of Diet Prada?

A new Instagram watchdog is calling for transparency in beauty.
Estée Laundry, a play on beauty giant Estée Lauder, is an Instagram account “airing out the beauty industry’s dirty laundry,” as its bio reads. The account, which shared its first post in April, is run by a worldwide network of “beauty insiders” who met each other via social media, according to one member, who wished to remain anonymous.
“We’re a small international group of beauty industry insiders who decided to start the account because we’re tired of the lack of transparency in the beauty industry,” the member said. Her background, she said, is in marketing, and her fellow members have worked in marketing, finance and operations. All of them still lead full-time jobs outside of the account.
“We have worked with a lot of brands — big ones and small ones,” she said. “We’ve also run beauty social media accounts in the past and we’ve worked as influencers.”

Estée Laundry is similar in concept to Diet Prada, which ballooned in popularity over the past year as it called out copycats, sparring with some designers while becoming friendly with others. Founders Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler eventually outed themselves in May, and the account has

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