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This Is What I Told The Court Before My Rapist Was Led Away To Prison

By Keira Smith-Tague

This week I sat in court in Vancouver and watched the man who raped me eight years ago get led away in handcuffs to prison for his attack on me. This is one thing in my life I can say with full confidence I never believed would happen until now.

Over the past year, specifically when I was in the thick of the brutal legal process of a rape trial, I at times felt utterly overwhelmed, and, over and over again, kept finding solace and strength in knowing that I was only one woman amongst hundreds and thousands of women fighting back against the men who have committed violence against them.

I’ve been following the
What I Would Say To The Man Who Raped Me

  • Call It What You Want, I'll Call It Rape
    Call It What You Want, I’ll Call It Rape
  • I'm Not Just A Rape Survivor Or Victim - I'm An Activist
    I’m Not Just A Rape Survivor Or Victim – I’m An Activist
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