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Rahua Delivers Organic Products That Help Save the Rainforest

Legendary Amazon Oil.

With more consumers embracing organic, clean beauty products, the cofounders of Rahua by Amazon Beauty Inc. want them to take the next step.
Fabian Lliguin, who founded Rahua with Anna Ayers, calls the luxury rainforest-grown line Symbiotic, a new ingredient standard he feels transcends organic. Symbiotic means the ingredients are grown in the wild, virgin forest, processed through ancestral knowledge, and ingredients are purchased directly and paid above fair trade to build and strengthen the indigenous economies.
With Rahua, he hopes to attract consumers who want organic hair and body products but have been disappointed with the efficacy of other options. In particular, he cited a new Rahua product called Legendary Amazon Oil. It fuses the latest technology with rainforest-grown oils and plant-derived nutrients. “We’ve been selling natural products for 10 years and for some people they expect more from the performance. This product now exceeds expectations, providing better results with every use and brings in those who haven’t been into natural,” Lliguin said.
Rahua, Morete and Sacha Inchi oils harvested in the Amazon are used in the Legendary Amazon Oil which Lliguin said penetrates hair to heal and strengthen. The formula is organic, vegan and gluten-free and retails for $42.

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