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Prada Group Supports Cancer Treatment Research

MILAN — Prada Group on Thursday revealed it is supporting the recently created Fondazione Gianni Bonadonna, named after the late oncologist, to support innovative cancer treatments and research projects.
“I think that supporting those who give their life to research and treatment of cancer, the disease of our time, is something we owe to the society, to ensure that the success of treatments continue to improve, not only for the present day, but also — and most importantly — for future generations,” said Miuccia Prada. “In addition, this also provides an opportunity to increase my involvement in exploring the role of science in contemporary society in an interdisciplinary context.”
“We are going through a crisis of all social models on which we have based the past 75 years, from capitalism to socialism and innovation implies increased responsibility of individuals and of institutions,” said Carlo Mazzi, chairman of the Prada Group, during a presentation at Fondazione Prada in Milan on Thursday. “Confidence is slim and companies are asked to be responsible, which translates into sustainability. This is not merely a financial initiative, it is a social one, it’s a real participation, not as a sponsorship. We actively participate to learn and understand. We can’t

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