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The State of American Fashion: Reese Cooper

WWD: Please sum up the state of American fashion. What are its strengths? Its weaknesses?
Reese Cooper: Exciting…America is the pop culture capital of the world. I think people here know you have to work hard and fast to get anything done in this country as a whole. This really translates into the fashion industry in a city like New York.
I think the best way to describe the strong point of American fashion right now is its energy. More people are looking to get involved, and the people already involved are looking to take everything to the next level.
The weakness of the industry is definitely manufacturing. It is extremely expensive to try to produce high-quality clothing in America. For me, I need to maintain a standard of quality to be comfortable putting out a product. The finished garment needs to be as exciting as the initial thought and be the best it can be. To achieve that, I need to live where my clothing is being made. New York is too expensive to even think about manufacturing clothing, so I chose Los Angeles. Even so, having clothing produced in America is extremely expensive when trying to achieve luxury quality, and that is

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