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Influence Peddler Lauren Tsai Talks Marc Jacobs Collaboration, New Book, Marvel Comic Book Covers

NEW YORK – Texting on a bench, with her head down, Lauren Tsai looks like one of thousands of Gen Zers. That is, until she unfolds herself almost like a dancer, and stands beaming hand outstretched, entirely unrehearsed.
The artist-model-influencer-reality star arrived for an interview Monday afternoon on her own, publicist-free. Rangy and schoolgirlish in a black top, kelly green varsity jacket, plaid pleated skirt, Nike sneakers and Marc Jacobs nylon bag, Tsai’s wholesomeness belied her self-assuredness. In New York to talk up her collaboration with Marc Jacobs — a first for the Tokyo resident — she has been crashing on her father’s couch for a few nights. At 20, being transient is old news, having spent half her childhood in New England and the remainder in Hawaii. Convinced the college route would be a personal detour, she headed to Tokyo, where a Facebook audition post led to a “Terrace House” role, and a move back to the Big Island for shooting.
Grateful for the reality show experience (a sentiment she seems to relay for pretty much everything) Tsai has since returned to Tokyo, where the self-taught artist has been zeroing in on her art. “Last year I really tried to put

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