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Hilary Spurling Takes on Anthony Powell

Hilary Spurling’s works include biographies of the authors Ivy Compton-Burnett and Paul Scott and painter Henri Matisse. Now she has turned her attention to another famed English author, Anthony Powell.
Spurling’s latest book, ”Anthony Powell: Dancing to the Music of Time,” which is due out from Alfred A. Knopf on Nov. 6, was requested by its subject. The late British author first met Spurling as a young woman and, learning that she was a fan of his 12-volume series of interconnected novels “A Dance to the Music of Time,” he suggested that she write a key to it. It came out in 1977. They became friends — in the new biography, she calls him “the best listener I ever met” — and, later in life, he anointed her his biographer.
She believes that this honor may have been bestowed in part to deter others from writing about Powell during his lifetime. When he was still alive, she tried to interview him about his life — an experience she describes as ”a total fiasco.” This was partly because she was still suffused with a totally different subject, Matisse, at the time.
Powell was born in 1905 and died in 2000 and, while his books

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