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Beyoncé’s Fave Clear-Shoe Designer Has Tips for Buying a Pair That Won’t Lead to Foot Problems

The clear-shoe trend is in full force — but doctors say sporting the style could lead to health problems like blisters and smelly feet.
However, these problems that can stem from the style can be prevented during the construction process, according to women’s shoe designer Ritch Erani. Beyoncé, Alessandra Ambrosio and Gabrielle Union are among his famous fans.
Erani, who’s known for creating luxe sandals, boots and pumps incorporating PVC — says it’s all about paying attention to the details.
The quality of PVC used on a shoe makes a big difference in comfort for the wearer, Erani explained. Lower-quality, stiffer PVC on an ankle strap might cut the foot, but designers can solve that problem with a thinner, more expensive grade.
“If you use a stiffer or heavier grade of PVC, it’s going to cut you. What happens is, [brands] just buy the cheapest grade of PVC they can get in rolls and rolls and rolls, and just use them for whatever they want,” Erani said. “It doesn’t work that way. We have to get a different grade of PVC according to wherever we’re going to use it.”
For clear pumps, a leather lining is essential to prevent burning and cuts, according to the designer.
While breathability

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