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Be bold or don’t bother: eight definitive autumn menswear trends

By Simon Chilvers

From oversized coats to stompy shoes, the autumn message for menswear is pump up the volume

Coats this season have gone somewhat directional: think volume and oversized or something punchy and bold. I’m calling the former the “drown me” coat and can confirm it’s brilliant for layering. There’s a fabulous example in the new film American Animals of a too-big trench that showcases perfectly the breeziness of this shape. Meanwhile, Topman has an abundance of coats prefixed with the word “oversized”. It also has a red double-breasted below-the-knee coat, which if you squint is not a million miles from the delicious ketchup overcoat that opened the Maison Margiela autumn/winter men’s show. Basically, be bold or don’t bother.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/oct/10/be-bold-eight-definitive-autumn-menswear-trends-oversized-coats-stompy-shoes