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Sandro RTW Spring 2019

Sandro’s French girl style became a bit more adventurous this season, as American influence seeped across the Atlantic, adding color and more diversity to her wardrobe. Evelyn Chetrite had the Hamptons of the Nineties in mind, and drew on the preppy, yachting vibes she found there. Silky blouses and dresses carried nautical motifs, flowers and butterflies, like printed scarves of the period, and there was a pleated skirt printed with flags. Also in the old-school vein were gold buttoned cardigans and striped, double-breasted suit jackets.
This, Chetrite brought into a contemporary environment, adding masculine trench coats, stonewashed jeans and sneaker models Flame and Astro to the mix.
For the music festival-goers, tie-dye t-shirts had Smiley faces and there was a white cardigan marked “techno love.” An elegant knit top came in neon green, and a rainbow striped t-shirt read “Don’t be late for love.”
The collection reflected more varied and relaxed styles seen on the Parisian streets — the French girl is growing increasingly laid back.

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