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Chanel RTW Spring 2019

Excuse the clichéd lede, but at Chanel, life’s a beach. Not a shark-attack beach or a misogynist beach, but a serene, inviting blue-sky beach, with real water undulating into and away from the pristine sand.
Inspired by the shores of Sylt, the German island Karl Lagerfeld frequented as a child, the Chanel waterfront was gloriously peaceful. (Not to mention well-tended, another astonishing display of Chanel execution and Wertheimer largess created inside the Grand Palais.) You could close you eyes and let the sounds of the gently rushing water transport you anywhere your mind felt like wandering. That is, if you got there early. But then the revelers showed up — Pharrell Williams, Vanessa Paradis and Pamela Anderson (Sylt, Schmylt. Bring on the “Baywatch” nostalgia.)
They shook off the sand and settled into their boardwalk-bench seats in time for a rollicking beach romp. Lagerfeld is brilliant at presenting the Chanel oeuvre in a different light season after season, with mood changes from refined to cool to bourgeois, while altering the intensity of the house iconography (at least all markers save for those essential jackets), sometimes lightening up on buttons, camellias, double-Cs, even handbags. Not here. This was a flamboyant merch fest — unabashed, shameless, and wonderfully so.

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Via:: https://wwd.com/runway/spring-2019/paris/chanel/review/