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Ferragamo Relaunches High-end Fragrance Series, Introduces New Scent

FLORENCE – “We’re at the center of the Ferragamo world,” said Ferragamo Parfums chief executive officer Luciano Bertinelli on Thursday at Palazzo Spini Feroni.
The 13th-century building served as the setting for the relaunch of the brand’s premium scent offer through the Tuscan Creations series, a line of 11 high-end, genderless fragrances that celebrate the culture, heritage and lifestyle both of the fashion house and the Italian region.
“This kind of project is not meant to merely increase numbers but help [build] the image of the brand,” said Bertinelli. “My goal was to develop an extraordinary project, in synch with the label and supporting its positioning.
“In general, in the last three to four years the niche fragrances market has taken off, tripling its sales, so this was an opportunity not to be missed. Any luxury brand with a storytelling is entering in this market and we already had our heritage, we didn’t need to invent a story so we did join [the market].”
Also doing the honors at the Ferragamo family-owned palazzo were the company’s vice chairman and founder’s daughter Giovanna Gentile Ferragamo, who said the project represents “the best essence of Tuscany…and honors the memory of my father and our roots.”
The fragrances come

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