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Jeff Goldblum Breaks Down the Calvin Klein Front Row

Have any questions about Calvin Klein’s front row lineup? Jeff Goldblum has the answers. The actor was a prompt arrival for the 8 p.m. show, and knew exactly who else to expect at the show.
“Here, I’ll tell ya,” said Goldblum, pulling up a list on his phone.
Buckle up.
“Jake Gyllenhaal and Saoirse Ronan, with whom I did that great movie with the great Wes Anderson, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’ Rami Malek — come on! Laura Dern, I did that dinosaur movie with, I know her well. Trevor Noah, Millie Bobby Brown — fantastic, she’s sitting near me here. A$AP Rocky, come on! George Condo. Wonderful painter. Do you know George Condo’s painting? Spectacular and important painter. Cindy Sherman, I’ve been a great fan of and a photographer who takes pictures of herself, and she’s a great artist and I’d love to see her. Rowan Blanchard, spectacular, Naomi Campbell, Gus Kenworthy — a fantastic skiier, brave, brave soul. Kate Moss; Russell Westbrook, I admire, he’s a great superstar. Katherine Langford, and Kiki Layne is in the new Barry Jenkins movie, wonderful actress, and it was produced by the same producer who did ‘The Mountain,’ which was just in competition at Venice [Film

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