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Derek Lam 10 Crosby RTW Spring 2019

Derek Lam and Shawn Reddy wanted to build on the spirit of their resort line and go bolder and more graphic for spring. “The collection always has that slightly urban, but then slightly destination mix,” Reddy said during a walk-through. The dichotomy works well for the brand, and helps balance a youthful and sporty charm.
It came through loudest with color-blocked sweaters paired with bright pleated skirts, and graphic stripes in multiple colors. A polished asymmetrical dress that could be unbuttoned up the thigh, styled over stark black-and-white striped pants, was classic Derek Lam.
The big push for the season was the modern range of tailoring targeting the Millennial set. Pants have been such a strong selling category that it was time to have jackets to pair them with. A soft pink linen blazer was a modern proposition for the office, cut boxy and styled with matching jogger pants. Girls will appreciate their relaxed vibe and versatility. There were also short suits (a big trend for the season) in rainbow stripes, and a polished deconstructed blazer mirroring the buttons of the aforementioned dress.
It’s a natural instinct for designers to inject a novel flair in order to elevate the clothes. Here, buttons on

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