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Zachary Quinto Looks Ahead

Zachary Quinto is looking to unwind — and luckily enough, the coming month is dedicated to just that. The 41-year-old actor is packing up for a month of personal travel as soon as he wraps “The Boys in the Band,” which comes to a close this weekend following a much-discussed nearly four-month run at the Booth Theatre. His time onstage as Harold is one he’s in need of processing in a deeper, more prolonged way than previous roles.
“I’ve learned about myself that I definitely need time and perspective to really be able to digest — especially with a play,” he says over the phone on a recent rainy morning, en route to the gym for a workout ahead of back-to-back performances. “When you do the same thing every night for months on end, there is a kind of physical invasion about the experience — it gets into your body. And that takes time to work out and to let go of. I do feel like this [coming] month for me is about that — I need to step away and look back.”
Quinto admits to doing a share of processing the play’s significance throughout the run’s many press commitments, but says

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