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Twitter Roasts Kanye’s Yeezy Shoe Sketches That Look Like ‘Volcanoes’

Kanye West took to Twitter yesterday and teased some designs of what he labeled as “Yeezy 2019.” The rough sketches were, well, very rough.
Fans got a preview of seven new styles, including a basketball silhouette, seen in a series of drawings he shared on the social media network. Some observers joked that his doodles looked like they were drawn by his toddlers with Kim Kardashian.

adding basketball pic.twitter.com/S61SkXdY7A
— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) July 27, 2018

Been and done im afraid… pic.twitter.com/PWloVyW8Cv
— graham w (@gra_watterson) July 28, 2018

‘Ye has never claimed to be a great illustrator — just look to the drawings to see why. He showed designs for: 700v3, 451, 500v2, 350v3, 1050, Terrex and Basketball.
Some users compared the sneaker art to “Ice skates” and “volcanoes,” with one tweet referring to them as “Volcaneezys.” Much of the drawings resembled snow-topped mountains and blobs that lacked a refined sense of structure or contrast. “At least one of them is a hat,” someone responded.

— Miles Herring (@Heems_McSchemes) July 27, 2018

That’s so cute your children drew these for you
— Nicholas Morris (@nmorris1776) July 27, 2018

More zingers followed, including a tweet that read: “We want clown shoes,” followed by another user who added, “And bowling shoes

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