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5 Tips on How to Shop for the Most Comfy Shoe Insoles at Under $50

Looking for a bit more cushioning and support in your shoes? A pair of ready-made insoles can deliver the comfort you crave.
While every pair of shoes comes equipped with insoles, they may not meet your particular fit and comfort needs. Or, the insoles in your sneakers may no longer adequately perform due to extended wear and tear. Replacement insoles are an affordable way to provide you with a more customized fit while extending the life of your shoes.
FN offers a five-step guideline to finding the best insoles for your needs at under $50. However, for those buying an insole for the first time, it’s best to visit a shoe store where a trained sales associate can help you select the style best suited to your individual needs.
Insole Removal
Check to determine if the insoles in your current shoes can be removed. Tearing out insoles that are glued into a shoe can damage the shoe. While there are super-slim dress shoe insoles that can be layered over existing ones, this often takes away volume in the shoe leaving little room for the foot.
Features and Benefits
Decide what type of support you require. There are insoles designed to address a range of foot issues that

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