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Bridget Foley’s Diary: Ivanka, Darwin and Those Darned Market Forces

Ivanka Trump Inc., the merch brand, is over. Ivanka Trump, the woman, continues to command interest, at least as indicated by the press attention she’s garnered since Tuesday, when she announced the shuttering of her company.
Once upon a time, endless coverage and commentary were a good thing — a way of keeping various celebrities in the public eye, their foibles only making them seem more human, like the rest of us. Not any longer. Today, the omnipresence of social media, not only as used by extremists of all stripes, but by thoughtful people determined to function as unofficial watchdogs to those in the public eye, make it harder for bold-faced types to skirt accountability for actions perceived as problematic by significant segments of the population.
Trump is not a self-made person, but one born to having it all. It’s to her credit that from a young age she set out to achieve, and if she did so in part on the strength of the family name and access, so what? So have other accomplished people as diverse as Chelsea Clinton to a generation of the Kardashian-Jenners. Something of an anti-Kardashian (once her teen modeling aspirations passed), Trump didn’t aim for overt look-based

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