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Berlin du bist so....

By Anna Katina

anders (different)!

Yes, Berlin is different.

I’ll explain but first, a brief historical background.

In the 20s, Berlin was one of cultural capitals of the world, there was no place in the world like Berlin! Creative freedom of thought and expression in culture, art, sex – the city was exploding of ideas! Brecht, Isherwoods, Bauhaus, so many references! Then Berlin became the capital of the Third Reich, followed by the Allies’ bombs and Soviet tanks. The Wall was built, Berlin was divided for thirty years before it was torn down. And today you see that city has suffered. 80% of Berlin had been destroyed. So don’t expect lots of spectacular architecture like in Paris or London where all corners are photogenic. Yes, I had to admit it, Berlin is kind of ugly. No well-preserved oldtown, no design monsters like in New York, it hides some beautiful corners of course but generally speaking, it is not the prettiest city. BUT. That’s what I love about this city! This is what I expected. I wanted to see something different. I saw a lot of #architectureporn this year. My blogposts are filled with buildings, old ones in Malta, new ones in New York – next topic please!! And I got that other topic.

For me, Berlin is all about the underground scene. I loooove leaving the mainstream and my journalistic vein is always leading me towards the hidden. I can tell you something – your guide will be google or local friends because in Berlin, secret spots are kept secretly. I talk about rooftop bars, gastronomic restaurants, clubs, fashion stores etc. Berlin is known for hosting the wildest, most controversial and bizarre parties in the world. I did not have an insight into this but I thought it’s worth mentioning it. My personal fetish is to capture the mood of a city by walking through the streets, watching the people and visiting local stores, restaurants and bars.

Voilà, that’s important to know before we start the photos. My impressions of the trip are more photojournalistic, even conceptual than usual. Berlin inspired me to pay attention to details and random situations. I hope, and you’ve got to tell me, that the visual story below will transport you into Berlin, that you will feel the Berlin mood that I felt. Moody, melancholic, on the one hand oppressing, on the other hand light and free, surprising and random at the same time. Enjoy.




Ready to take off! I flew to Berlin with Luxair! Short and direct flight, breakfast and baggage included, all good! I was on a mission. Actually, the same mission as on all of my trips, as I already said: avoiding the mainstream, finding the hidden. Luxair has launched the platform LuxairSpottedByTravellers for travellers like me on which you can share hidden spots and even become their ambassador for their next advertising campaign by simply submitting your photo. If your photo is chosen for the campaign, you will see it in magazines, on bus shelters and billboards + get flights for free in return!

Arrived in the late morning, we headed to our hotel Titanic next to Gendarmenmarkt. It was 35 degrees outside already… !

S&P 66.jpg

House of Wonders

Our first stop, recommended by who? By you guys! The perfect spot for a healthy and yummy brunch during the week or week-end! The interior design is incredible, so green! Shortly, urban greenhouse meets American kitchen with a Japanese twist, you have to try their ice matcha latte, delicious!

S&P 15.jpg
S&P 20.jpg

S&P 16.jpg

Bikini House

As the first day was so hot we could barely breathe, we decided to visit the popular shopping mall Bikini House. The coolest mall I’ve ever seen! A mix of local, alternative fashion and popular brands like Vans or Dr Martens, but also with cool rooftop bars like Monkey Bar and the interior of the mall is so urban, love it! Here I discovered the local designer Esther Perbandt (I bought awesome jewellery, all in my insta story in the Berlin highlight).

S&P 24.jpg
S&P 28.jpg

S&P 30.jpg


Klunkerkranich is a popular rooftop bar in Berlin. It’s exactly what I was looking for in the city: rooftop, music, people, sunset, mojitos, lanterns, urban setup and decoration, hipster mood – mega! We had some nachos for dinner and waited until the sunset to leave towards our hotel as we were pretty tired from the first long day. How to get there? Take the U-7 (U-Bahn) and get off at Rathaus Neukölln. You will see a big shopping mall called Neukölln Arkaden! Go into the mall and head to the top floor (5th). Arrived at the 5th floor, turn left and walk up a short ramp to the garage rooftop! #LuxairSpotter

S&P 32.jpgLuxair 11.jpgS&P 35.jpg
S&P 33.jpg

S&P 34.jpg

S&P 39.jpg

Walk to Kreuzberg along the Landwehr Canal

We started this walk by coincidence and it was a pure joy! The path is full of activites – you can have a picnic, go to a beer garden, rent a small boat, feed the swans, sunbath.. I enjoyed taking photos of the buildings, nature, the people around. I think we walked around an hour before arriving in Kreuzberg, you just have to follow the canal to get there, go with the flow;).

S&P 40.jpgS&P 41.jpgS&P 42.jpgS&P 44.jpgS&P 113.jpgS&P 43.jpgS&P 46.jpg


Kreuzberg is known for the hispters! Coffeeshops, concept and vintage stores hidden in backyards, lots of interesting street style in the streets, bicycles,.. Get lost in this neighbourhood!

S&P 47.jpgS&P 50.jpg

The fashion stores I visited here were Broke & Schön, Voo and Zebra Club. The photos below were taken at Voo, here you can find Prada bags from the current collection as well as fashion books, crazy sneakers or have coffee at the bar. I love urban interiors like this!

S&P 51.jpg
S&P 52.jpg

S&P 54.jpg

S&P 56.jpg

This dude below rocks with his canoe!

S&P 57.jpg

Exploring Berlin-Mitte

I’m sure there are other interesting neighbourhoods to explore in Berlin but on our last day, we decided to stay in Berlin-Mitte which has a lot to offer. I didn’t take photos of the classic Berlin sightseeing spots because Google is full of them already but we visited the following ones:

  • Berliner Brandenburg Gate

  • Reichstag building

  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

  • Checkpoint Charlie

  • Fernsehturm, we watched it from distance

  • Gendarmenmarkt. Our hotel Titanic was located next to it. For me, the most beautiful square in Berlin with nice terraces around the French Cathedral

  • Rotes Rathaus (photo below)

  • Berlin Wall museum (very very impressive! There is a huge panorama and you feel like being part of the oppressive scenery. My personal highlight thanks to the strong emotions conveyed in this room.

S&P 70.jpg

Cookies Cream

Cookies Cream is a vegetarian fine dining restaurant. I recommend you to take the 5 course menu to taste different creations! An amazing local experience for food lovers! Also, go to Crackers (in the same backyard) for a drink afterwards! No photos were allowed inside so I let you discover the meals and interior by yourself but be careful, wine included, your evening may cost you 300€.

S&P 69.jpg

Musem Island and Monbijou Bridge

Beautiful spot!! To me, one of the prettiest of the city!! Visit the museums but don’t forget to walk around the island and admire the buildings. You can relax in front of the Old museum or move towards the Monbijou Bridge and enjoy the unique view of the Bode Museum. There is also a small bar on the banks of the Spree river near the Bode museum where salsa classes are held! I took a photo in the other direction because the scenery looked so peaceful but you can watch my instastory for more impressions of this spot!

Luxair 2.jpgS&P 68.jpgS&P 58.jpg

Funk You coffee shop

S&P 73.jpg

S&P 72.jpg

S&P 71.jpgS&P 74.jpg

Chen-Che Restaurant

We were looking for a restaurant in an other street but as we saw the magic entrance of this one, we decided to change plans. The tea house and Vietnamese restaurant is serving clay pot-cooked regional fare, afternoon cakes & dim sum. Best choice ever – the food was delicious! Try their tasting meal! We had lunch at the terrace, which is hidden in the backyard but the interior of the restaurant was absolutely worth capturing. Look at the photos below!

S&P 76.jpg
S&P 78.jpg

S&P 75.jpg

Photo below, spotted a Berliner look: Smooth hair combed back with gel. vintage glasses, vintage oversized leather jacket, long white socks and white sneakers.

S&P 80.jpgS&P 77.jpgS&P 79.jpg


I don’t know, somehow everything in Berlin looked vintage for me. xD Even the Mauerpark. We enjoyed walking from Gendarmenmarkt to the park by discovering other corners of Berlin-Mitte! An area where the local youth likes to hang-out on sunny days. I enjoyed sunbathing between the birches! This park is also a popular canvas for graffiti artists. In fact, a 300-meter strip of the Wall remains in the park and everyone is welcome to decorate it!

S&P 83.jpgS&P 87.jpgS&P 94.jpgS&P 96.jpgS&P 84.jpg
S&P 81.jpg

S&P 92.jpg

S&P 93.jpg

S&P 111.jpg

S&P 110.jpg

Walking back to the hotel and discovering more gems…

S&P 112.jpg


We had dinner at Neumond. My gastronomic highlight of the weekend, especially their starter, photo below. Wonderul corner! You sit outside, watch the hipsters in the streets, have a glass of red wine,, enjoy the sunset and feel the vibes, a perfect evening.

S&P 115.jpgS&P 116.jpg

That’s all for Berlin my friends! I hope you like my story! Berlin may not be the prettiest city in Europe but she hides lots of beautiful gems which are sometimes hard to find. My recommendation, get lost but prepare a few notes with specific spots that you want to visit (stores, clubs rooftop bars, parks, musems etc). My aim was to feel and recreate the mood I’ve always seen in movies and artworks referring to Berlin and I’m glad I got what I wanted. Have you been in Berlin? What do you think of the city?

Find my favourite hidden spots with the address and how I got there on the platform and share yours as well! Happy spotting! #SpottedbyTravellers



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Postcards and secrets from Malta

By Anna Katina

Dear friends, Summer has finally started (hopefully) and it’s time for some Summer inspiration! I’m back from Malta and of course I had to write a blogpost about this adventure! I will start with Valletta, continue with Marsaxlokk and Comino and last but not least present you the EF Malta campus I visited!

So, Malta is one of Europe’s smallest countries and in 3-4 days you can see a lot! You can rent a car but be aware that all cars drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel is located on the right-hand side of the car. We did not rent a car, instead we did everything by foot, bus, ferry and Bolt (like Uber). We were based in the heart of Valletta and it took us 5 minutes by foot to arrive a the main bus station at the Tritons Fountain (beautiful spot!!).

The island is very social and I’m super thankful for the people I met here! I will never forget the dinner we planned with my mum, a table in-front by the sea, just the two of us and how we ended up as a group of 10 with people from all over the world, all sitting around a table – what a night!!

Malta’s off-season sunshine makes it a wonderful destination for a spring or autumn break. In May and it felt already like Summer! Locals say it’s the best time to visit the island before the high temperatures and crowds take over! I have to say, we were very lucky with the timing because many places we visited we pretty empty, which for me was very enjoyable! Of course, the main streets, like the Republic Street in Valletta are busy at any time!

So here are the things my mum and I did in Malta!


Valletta is one of the most well-preserved cities in Malta, the fortified tiny capital of the Mediterranean island has survived many historical events but has undergone no significant modifications since 1798!! Let’s discover it together!


St. John’s Co-Cathedral

Valletta, actually, all of Malta, is dotted with giant domed churches, but the most impressive of all is St. John’s Co-Cathedral. From the outside it may look plain, but the interesting part happens once you go through the doors where every surface is decorated with colour and sparkling gold! My mum ran into the cathedral so I had no choice and followed. I’m glad I did. Not only you can admire the exiled Caraveggio’s masterpiece “The Beheading of Saint John” but also the tombstone-covered floor. Yes, beside the decorated walls and ceilings, there is the the floor which is covered with memorials for the dead knights. It’s one of the most impressive cathedrals I’ve ever seen!


The Barrakka Gardens

We discovered the gardens by coincidence! You can walk through the Upper and Lower Barakka Gardens and enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Valletta. Also, from 12h to 16h, you can watch cannon firing from the Saluting Battery which were originally fired to welcome ships into the harbour. Look how beautiful the parks are! Olive trees, wooden benches, the mesmerising view, like a painting!



Malta is the perfect place to wander because it’s impossible to get lost, the island is small and you will hit water at some point xD. So I recommend just to walk around and discover. You will come across churches, courtyards, sunny terraces, beautiful doors and balconies, museums… The old buildings are breathtaking!



brief history

You should know that the island changed hands over the centuries! It started with the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians who both built ports on the island. Malta was then part of the Roman Empire, then of the Byzantine Empire before taken over by the Arabs and finally by the Normans. When Charles V gave the island to the Knights of St. John in 1530 (called the Knights of Malta), they built up the island and mat maintained control until the French arrived in 1798. The British helped Malta to expel the French in 1800 and Malta joined the British Empire in 1814. Only in 1964 the island became an independent nation!

That’s why you can find elements of many different cultures in Malta! Also when observing the Maltese, I could recognise Italian, Arabic traits, in their look and language, it’s a unique country with many facets, so interesting!!

malta guide spots what to do 14.jpg36BBC27F-FAC0-4D6B-9CA1-5AC31F7F5BF7.JPG3C3EBF40-9439-4877-84B6-21DFF7A59D54.JPG

Where to eat in Valletta?


Every morning, we had breakfast at the same spot, the Cordina Café located in the heart of Valletta. Watch the video below, doesn’t the place look magical? You have to try their rainbow cake!


CAFé Cordina

244 Republic Street


Lunch & Dinner

Again, I don’t really have specific addresses for you, but I recommend Trabuxu, a fancy hipster restaurant as I’d call it – nice food, funny ambiance, less mainstream and cool outdoor and interior decoration! If you can, head over to Marsaxlokk for lunch at dinner (at least once!), more infos below about the fishing village are following!


Where to stay in Valletta?

Stay at De Vilhena for a unique view of the city you can enjoy from your room or from the rooftop bar. We had a beautiful big room and the location was just perfect, it’s impossible to be located more centrally!

malta guide spots what to do 25.jpgmalta guide spots what to do 23.jpgmalta guide spots what to do 17.jpg

Marsaxlokk fishing village

Marsaxlokk Bay is Malta’s second largest natural harbor, hundreds of colorful Maltese fishing boats decorate the port. This place is so pretty!!! There is also a fish market which gives tourists an insight into the local life and traditions. You can take a colorful boat to Saint Peter’s pool! As we had many other plans, we took a ride for a quick dip in the swimming area and our captain waited for us. It took me about 15 minutes to jump and I finally did it with the help of a stranger who kindly offered his help!


St Peter’s pool


We had a group dinner at Marsaxlokk which I will never forget. We were sitting right in front of the boats and the restaurant (pick one of the restaurants along the sea, they should all be good) served us a huge salt baked fish, photo below, so impressive and so so good!!




Comino is a small island between Malta and Gozo and is known for the beautiful Blue Lagoon bay with its crystal clear and azure-coloured water! Look at the photos below! We took a bus, then a ferry in the morning so when we arrived it was still pretty empty! After lunchtime the situation changed and it became so crowded! Apparently it’s worse in high season and locals don’t recommend to come here during this period to avoid heat and crowds. So we were very lucky! We took a walk to admire the rocky wilderness with jagged cliffs and deep caves. The views are absolutely stunning!!


malta blogger what to do




Popeye village

After quitting Comino, we headed over to the Popeye village by bus (10 minutes away from the ferry station). It’s the film set from the 1980 musical ‘Popeye’ which has become a theme park village with boat rides & food outlets! We didn’t enter the park, instead we adimired the beautiful construction from outisde. I would love to live in a village like this, look at these cute wooden houses!! Also, we had lunch at the Popeye restauraunt, a cute spot, very American and old-school and totally empty which I liked of course. It looked like an abandonned restaurant in the middle of Texas.. 😀 Apparently it’s also super crowdy in high season.


Ef Malta • St. Julians

I had a mission in Malta as I came here with Education First for a training. In fact, I was absolutely curious to discover the EF concept as I never dared to do this experience during my studies so I’m very thankful for the opportunity! As a reminder, Education First is an international education company that specialises in language training, educational travel, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange! In short, you can spend time abroad and improve your language skills at the same time!

I got a few many messages from friends on Instagram who made their EF training in Malta a few years ago, so jealous!! I visited the EF Malta campus every day to attend classes, speak to the staff and students and visit the different facilities or attend activities, so lots of impressions! The ambiance here is very relaxed and I felt so welcome here!! I loved the EF New Work campus but this one is my favourite so far! You can follow my adventure on their Instagram account by watching my stories under the ‘Malta’ highlight where I show you all the interviews, the EF Malta beach club, the stdent appartments, the campus itself etc!! Here is the LINK!

The campus is located in St Julians, the nightlife town of Malta. If you like to party, come to this town! Clubs, non-stop parties, beach clubs (the EF Malta beach club included) and late night dancings on boats. I went to a salsa class organised by EF in the area and I loved it! I made friends, exchanged with some EF students and learned new salsa moves!!


EF beach club

Below you can see the view from the EF Malta residencies. To see the apartments from the inside, head over to the Malta highlight on EF Luxembourg’s Instagram! The pool below fascinated me, how cool is it to have a pool next to the sea? You can choose between both for a swim 😀 There were girls doing yoga in the sea on surfboards, I watched them for an hour or so from the bar right next to the pool, and I thought, ok I need to come back to Malta and relax to the fullest like the girls in the sea. Malta inspired me a lot.


There are other places you can visit in Malta like Mdina, The Three Cities or Gozo but you have to make choices when you come for 3-4 days only and I need to say that I’m super happy with our itinerary. I love having plans when I travel but I also do appreciate to get lost and go with the flow. Malta is one best destinations in my life so far and it will be my new to-go spot.

malta guide spots what to do 8.jpg

I hope you like my guide and impressions, if you liked it (or not?), if you have questions or comments, share your thoughts below my friends!! Kisses, Anna

Malta, May 2019



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One week in New York City

By Anna Katina

Hello my friends! This girl finally visited New York City and she liked it! Such an inspiring city, always on the move! I have a lot to share with you so make sure to sit comfortable to read this article! So, I was sent to NYC by Education First and stayed a week in Manhattan! I tried to see as much as possible but still find time to walk around with no plan and discover the city. I think it’s important to do both things in a metropole, sightseeing and getting lost in the streets.

If you plan to come to NYC in spring, bring multiple clothes. There will be cold, rainy weather on some days and warm summer weather on other days. Be prepared for everything! We stayed in Time Square and took the cab all the time (definitely less expensive than in Luxembourg!) Once in a neighborhood, we walked around for hours but to go from like Time Square to Meatpacking District – taxi. Eating in NYC is expensive, even in small coffee shops! Are people friendly? Totally!

Ok so I will now share with you the spots we visited aka..

what to do in NYC?!

For videos of this adventure, check my Instagram NYC highlight!!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 2.jpg


The first famous building we spotted (and be ready for a lot of architecture this time), was the Flatiron!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 105.jpg


It may sound weird but the place I liked the most in Manhattan is Central Park. I was so impressed by its size and the amount of people! Such a cool ambiance and so many activities happening here! People play American football, baseball, beach volley ball, do public yoga sessions, so cool! It inspired me a lot! Also, look at this crowd enjoying the sun outside! When in town, buy some drinks and snacks and go sunbathing in Central Park. Tell me afterwards if you felt the special vibes that I felt.

New York City Guide Spots what to do 5.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 6.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 7.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 8.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 9.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 10.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 11.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 12.jpg


Meatpacking District is a hipster kind of neighborhood you must visit! You will find nice bars and shops but also the popular Chelsea market, a immense gallery full of restaurants and shops. Also, a great spot to start the High Line walk…

The Standart

A friend of mine recommended me to go to the Standard Hotel’s popular rooftop bar! There is a line to enter, most of the people there are in their early twenties. The ambiance is nice and you will definitely have fun if you’re in a party mood with a group! For me personally, it was a nice place to discover but I prefer a less crowded, loungier atmosphere than the club vibes :).

New York City Guide Spots what to do 16.jpg


After our drink at the Standard, we climbed the stairs to the High Line. Start the walk during the golden hour guys (photos below)! What is the High Line? It’s an elevated park which was once a rail track but is now out use since 1980! About 10 years ago the 2,3 km-long strip was transformed into an urban park which is now full of wildflowers and outdoor art installations. Take your wide angle lens with you for killer shots of New York’s skyline. I loved watching people enjoying the sunset around a picnic. The lights, structures and views made this moment so magical! PS. Architecture lovers, did you spot the Zaha Hadid building? Yep a pretty amazing giant!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 17.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 19.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 20.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 21.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 22.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 23.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 114.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 24.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 25.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 26.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 27.jpg

THE VESSEL at Hudson Yards

Arriving at the end of our excursion, a monster grew in front us while we approached the end of the High Line; The Vessel. I’ve never heard of it before so I was pretty shocked and amazed to suddenly stand in front of this creature. It’s huuuuuge and it’s open to public. The walkable sculpture was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. It looks like a honeycomb, doesn’t it? 😀


New York City Guide Spots what to do 30.jpg


From one architectural beast to another. Again I had no words when I saw this building.The white monument you see in the photos below is the World Trade Center Oculus station which was designed by Santiago Calatrava as a memorial of the 9/11 attacks in 2001. “ The 335-foot-long skylight was designed to allow the “Way of Light” to pass through the main hub of the transit hall at 10:28 a.m.—the moment that the North Tower of the WTC collapsed on September 11, 2001. Symbolizing the light that continues to shine through after the darkness of the tragedy, the Oculus opening allows light to fill the massive space as a memorial to the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers.” – source linked.

New York City Guide Spots what to do 32.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 33.jpg


Next to Oculus is located the 9/11 memorial, the former location of the Twin Towers. The architect of the memorial is Michael Arad. You can see two squares’ reflecting water pools and next to it, the new World Trade Center called One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower.

New York City Guide Spots what to do 37.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 36.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 35.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 38.jpg


We quit the Financial District and walked along the East River before going to the Brooklyn bridge, a cute area with small terraces in an urban environment.

New York City Guide Spots what to do 40.jpg

Factory Kitchen

A nice restaurant where you can enjoy the sun, view, good food and lounge music!



New York City Guide Spots what to do 97.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 104.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 94.jpg

Brooklyn Bridge

Another must-see in Manhattan!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 103.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 99.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 100.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 101.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 98.jpg


Don’t forget to look around you when walking through the city. I don’t know about you, but I was so excited to see the brownstone houses and fire escapes I knew from American movies like Kevin Alone, Love and Other drugs or from Gossip Girl!! AAAAH :DD




On another day we spent a few hours on the Upper East Side especially to visit the Metropolitan museum (MET). Of course there are other great museums but we went for this one. Next time I want to go to the Museum of Modern Art and the American Museum of Natural History!

Bluestone Lane

I recommend you to visit the MET, the largest art museum in the US located on the right side of Central Park. But first, breakfast! We went to Bluestone Lane and we loved it!! An amazing small interior with good service, food and drinks but no wifi. Actually so many coffee shops in NYC don’t have wifi, make sure to plan your day in advance to avoid wifi hunting during the day!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 69.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 68.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 67.jpg

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

We spent a few hours at the museum (MET), there is so much to see! You travel through time from old Egypt to ancient Greece, with a stop in French castles; a real time machine! You can also check out the most legendary guitars in the history of Rock! Yes, a current exhibition features guitars of the biggest rockstars of all time like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix or Keith Richards! If you scroll down, you can see how carefully the museum installed each exhibition with matching interior; so beautiful!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 71.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 72.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 73.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 74.jpg

Below you can see two artworks which impressed me a lot. The one on the right reminded me of Dada art, it’s the smashed guitar of Kurt Cobain. On the left you can see a painting featuring young Louis XV by Hyacinthe Rigaud.




Get lost and feel like a local. Greenwich is cute little neighborhood we found by walking south from the Meatpacking District. We were tired and the weather got worse so we randomly entered the bar Left Bank. On each table there were color pencils and it felt so good to enjoy a drink and relax, scribble around. We felt like locals, away from the noise. Also, we found a cute little ice-cream bar with ice-cream for adults only (all alcohol infused), Tipsy Scoop! Funny thing.

New York City Guide Spots what to do 41.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 42.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 43.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 44.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 45.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 46.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 47.jpg

Education Fist New York campus

Ok, now to the educational part. I had the opportunity to visit the NYC campus, which is located in Tarrytown. Arrived at the Grand Central station I first felt like Serena in Gossip girl. 😀 The train trip was a pure scenic pleasure, gloomy weather with a peaceful view on the Hudson river, the trip took about 30 minutes.

New York City Guide Spots what to do 54.jpg


off to EF NYC in Tarrytown!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 48.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 49.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 50.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 51.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 52.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 108.jpg

The campus looked impressive, I loved the main building! First, there was a welcome speech of the team for the new arrivals. Every Monday, new students arrive and I liked the EF introduction! After presenting the campus, the students were invited to interact with each other, a good idea to break the ice! I assisted to a linguistic class, which was a movie analysis. It reminded me so much of my classes in Brussels back in my student days! The ambiance in the open spaces is relaxed, no rush, groups of students hang out together, others skype with their friends, super cozy. It’s a very peaceful multicultural reunion, I wish I could stay longer and discover the rooms and other spaces of the campus but it was time to make the NYC tour with the new arrivals!

The interesting fact about EF is that anyone can start this experience, it’s all about traveling and learning a language. Whether you’re a student or a young professional, you can start at any moment. EF has different formulas, I am linking the info sheet here for all informations! It’s also a good initiative for students who take a break during their studies in the middle of the year but still want to do something, same for professionals who do a professional break for example. There are also companies who offer this experience to their employees so that they can improve their language skills.





The Edition Hotels always have impressive restaurants and I was so excited to discover the Terrace & Outdoor gardens on the ninth floor of the hotel, look at this indoor garden! The food and cocktails are very good! Another must go is Buddakan, where you can order fancy interpretations of Chinese dishes. The interior is just surreal! Both restaurants are expensive but nothing compared to Cipriani in Soho, which may be Kim Kardashian’s favorite Italian restaurant but in Luxembourg you find this type of standard Italian kitchen on each corner so we were pretty disappointed of the quality (and presentation!) in contrast to the price. But it ranks among the most popular spots of the city so I wanted to mention it. Another two popular restaurants I know from Los Angeles that you can find in NYC are The Catch and Hakkasan.


In Soho you can find many designer stores but also less known labels and small stores. I really enjoyed walking through this area and discover the fashion stores. For example, we stepped into a concept store with many local creator pop-ups inside! Market place of makers was the name, I think. Also, lots of coffee shops around like Maman Soho or Odd Fellows! For lunch, go to Sant Ambroeus. My favorite bloggers love to hang out here, the pasta is reaaaally good!!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 77.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 80.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 78.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 75.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 76.jpg



With my new friends from EF New York, we took the elevator to the 66 floor on top of Rockefeller Center to enjoy the view.. The Observatory is often crowed so be patient! Behind me in the photo, the Empire State building!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 56.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 57.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 58.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 59.jpg

The Rockefeller Center by night


Watch the video below!

We spent a lot of time here as our hotel was located in the middle of this jungle. You see a lot of crazy people and so many colors! Sometimes, in bed, I did not know if it was day or night because of all the lights outside! I really enjoyed taking pictures of the people around and pose as well for Insta, the effects of the lights fascinated me xDDD. Below you can see the view of the rooftop bar at the Edition hotel, so cliché! Also, if you’re into luxury, don’t miss the 5th Avenue for the shopping paradise! I did not buy anything on this trip except air pods and a new iPhone screen. xD

New York City Guide Spots what to do 66.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 63.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 81.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 82.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 14.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 83.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 13.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 84.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 60.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 15.jpg


New York City Guide Spots what to do 29.jpg

On our way to the Statue of Liberty ferry we took a moment in front of the Battery. This memorial is located in Battery Park and commemorates “those 4609 soldiers, sailors, marines, coast guardsmen, merchant marines and airmen who met their deaths in the service of their country in the western waters of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. It’s axis is oriented on The Statue of Liberty. On each side of the axis are 4 gray granite pylons upon which are inscribed the name, rank, organization and state.” Source linked.

Statue of Liberty

When purchasing tickets for the Ferry, be careful. There is one official “store” in a courtyard. We did not exactly know where to buy our entrances and some men tried to sell us tickets. They looked pretty official but when they became aggressive because I did not want to buy from them immediately, I understood that they don’t do this legally. Also when I asked for the info point, they brought us to another guy who asked for our credit card and it was clear to us that it’s all fake. xD Just be careful!

It was interesting to admire the beautiful lady so closely!

New York City Guide Spots what to do 87.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 86.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 88.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 91.jpg
New York City Guide Spots what to do 93.jpg


We also visited Ellis island, the island where once thousands of immigrants arrived to enter the US.

You must enter the building and listen to the stories on audio speakers, it’s very interesting and you move from one room to another according to the topic. For example they said, people who made a weird impression got an ‘X’ marked on their coats with charcoal. These people needed a psychological test. Imagine you are exhausted from the trip and then you need to pass a mental test because you look suspicious!



So my friends, this was a looot I know but I hope it was worth the lecture?! Also, last reminder for the NYC giveaway. EF Luxembourg gives the opportunity to one of you to live the same experience as me during a week! To participate just follow the instructions on this link: here. They will pick a winner in June!

Let me know if this article was useful and go ahead if you have questions! xx Anna

New York City Guide Spots what to do 56.jpg

NYC, April 2019



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my spring essentials

By Anna Katina

Hello my friends! I hope you’re doing great! Since I promised to present you my favourite accessories, I decided to do this here on the blog! For me, this Spring is all about colour and layering games! I’m just back from the Belgian coast where I have spent the Easter weekend, you know how much I love this place! As a little reminder, here an article dedicated to the North Sea! Of course I used the opportunity to take some phots for the blog, so are you ready? Let’s go!



Let’s start with a fashion brand. The funky Tee I am wearing below is from the German brand OUI. I love decent fashion and cute details so when I saw this top in their Summer lookbook I could not resist. Fiesta sleeves and fruits, the perfect top for the next beach party! It is not available online yet but it will be in the coming weeks so stay tuned! I will announce the arrival on Instagram!





Ok now to the part I’ve been mostly asked about, my rings!

I love rings. I cannot leave the house without my ring party. And I’m definitely a gold person, I don’t wear silver at all as you can see, I can’t tell you why! Gold must be my favourite metal I guess. The dad ring – it’s my favourite ring of the moment and it is from Maria Back! The ring exists as mum, girl and boy as well. I’ll probably buy the mum ring because I feel the jealousy at home.. xD. The compass ring from Thomas Sabo is another crush, I use to wear the compass and dad ring on the same finger. My friends don’t like this combo but I love it! The other rings are not available anymore, some are from Poiray, some are vintage. I am linking the rings I mentioned first below!




Just as with the rings, I love the layering game on the wrist so much! I have a collection of LeJu wristbands but I also own many other bracelets from small labels I discover while traveling. Oh and yep my personal moment for the Juste Un Clou has arrived and I’m very happy with this little treasure… 😉 Linking the collections I wear below for you as well!





Last but not least…my last loop addiction is the ear party! In fact, my ear has been pierced six times xD! Five rings are from One More Tattoo (Luxembourg City), actually I never replace these. The loop in the photo is from Monarc, a lovely jewellery label based in London, I just ordered a small cross to replace one of my piercings above, I love their items! As you can see, I’m not fine with one earring or one bracelet, I need an entire army of loops on me xD




What is Summer without playful nails? Have you noticed how perfectly my nails and tee are matching??? 😀 My new beauty spot Francoise Urban Beauty Retreat is located at City Concorde, a shopping mall in Strassen. As I could not decide which color I should go for, I asked Rina, the nail queen of the salon to pick a different color for each nail and the result is pretty amazing, isn’t it? 😀 It’s a semi-permanent laying so I’m good for a month with these! A month ago I tried a Maria Galland treatment for the face here as well and the results were amazing, my forehead wrinkle disappeared since then, not lying !! I really recommend this beautiful salon, it doesn’t only look beautiful, but the products and treatments available here are the most natural I’ve ver ever seen. Also, for their makeup bar they use Jane Iredale products only which is simply fantastic. So ladies, this place is a must-go to prepare for Summer!



Now you know everything about my Spring 2019 essentials and addresses, I hope I could inspire you! The NYC blog will follow this week !! If you have other questions, just ask! 🙂 xx Anna



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Apps of my life

By Anna Katina

Hello my friends! First of all, thanks a lot for the feedback regarding my car:). For those who haven’t read the news, you can read it here. Today, I am sharing with you my favourite apps I use on my iphone. Since I received the new iPhone XS Max, I decided to organise my phone with more creative apps for my digital content as well install additional, useful tools for my everyday life and work. I will not talk about the phone, photo and mail app as it is obvious that they’re essential! Most of the apps are free but I usually upgrade to experience full services. Each of them is linked so you can find it and its integrated purchases easily in one click. 🙂 PS: At the end of this article, a little giveaway is waiting for you…enjoy!


I only use Instagram and Facebook as social media. From time to time I post on Snapchat and Pinterest but they are not my favourite apps. So let’s say a few words about these two platforms I use in my everyday-life, for personal and professional purposes.


Instagram is the app I use the most. I love to work on my feed (I’m a perfectionist), I love sharing photos on Instagram and receive feedback, I try to inspire others and give them ideas about what to wear, where to travel and how to take nice photos. I share a lot of my everyday life in my Insta Stories, not only for my followers but also for myself as I can do some tracking when scrolling back in time. For example, I made an Insta Story of my first week of figure iceskating and I will track my evolution by watching my own previous Insta Stories. I love to interact with my community, ask for advice, share tips and products I use etc. Instagram is a great tool for inspiration. I discover many interesting artists and bloggers thanks to this app but also destinations, coffee shops, hotels, fashion brands etc. Also, I run Instagram pages for several clients so you can imagine how much time I spend on this social media platform.


I run a few Facebook Pages as well so it’s very useful to have this app as I can do everything on my iPhone instead of working on the laptop. Also, I receive many private message on this app and I’ve realised that it’s useful for my community to have direct links on Facebook when I publish a new blogpost.

Messaging Apps

Messenger by Facebook and Whatsapp are two apps I use for private and business conversations. To be honest, I’d prefer to communicate with the normal iPhone Messenger only but somehow people love WhatsApp and I need to be reachable for friends, family & clients so obviously all these channels are needed.


Now to the apps I use to create digital content shared on social media. They include apps to edit photos, to create creative insta stories, flyers, banners etc.


I edit my Instagram photos with VSCO. I love the filters, I don’t always use the same ones but my favourite filters are A4, C5, C6, M5, HB2. The photo below was edited with the C6 filter. PS: Little hint about my next blogpost because better late than never – my trip to Japan!



Snapseed is another photo editing app. I use it to work on the colours of an edited photo (saturation etc). In fact, ‘selective’ is the only tool I use on this app but they have other intresting tools like the ‘expand’ tool ! Did you ever wish you could add more space around your subject after the photo has been taken for Instagram? You can do this with Snapseed by using ‘expand’!


Lightroom by Adobe is the compact form of the desktop version. I use it for selective colour correction as well but in future I will install new presets to the app that I’ve created on Photoshop!

8 MM

My favourite app for videos! It adds a vintage, grainy ambiance to your videos! The video below was filmed with this app, I love the effect, don’t you?


I use Afterlight to add some dust to my photos but you might like their filters and editing tools which are good but as I’m used to VSCO already, I don’t need additional apps for editing.


Instasize is another photo app which I use to add frames to Instagram posts. For the Belle Etoile profile that I manage, I use frames because the feed is a mix of phots I take in the shopping centre, in my studio plus inspiration photos of the stores represented by the shopping mall. As there are different styles of photos, the frames separate these which creates a coherence although the posts are different one from another. I don’t know if it’s clear what I say? 😛

freelance social media manager best apps iphone


An amazing tool to create logos and flyers! I love the variety of fonts, graphics and templates it’s offering!


Nomo is a mobile polaroid! Yes, it’s even written: shake the phone after taking the photo! xD. The effect is not bad, when I first saw photos on Instagram taken or edited with this app, I thought they were scans from real polaroids!


The app for creative instastories! I purchased most collections because I love creating creative Insta Stories and the Unfold frames enable a moodboard style that I really like.


best apps social media manager content creator blogger


Google analytics gives you access to all of your web and app data from your mobile device. You can monitor recent changes with real time reports, share these reports with anyone. You can see how many visits your blog had over a specific period, identify the traffic sources etc.


Notes is a basic default app on iPhone. I write down anything which comes to my mind before copying the most important things into my notebook afterwards. In fact, I prefer writing down everything in my planner manually (a dedicated blogpost about my planner is coming), but sometimes when I don’t have my planner close, Notes saves me. Save for the calendar app, a few things are marked in my calendar app but my planner is my number one in terms of organisation.


Sketches is a funny app to sketch (nooo really? xD) Indeed, when I have an idea in mind about a logo, a hand-lettering game for a photo. Most of the time, I use this app on my iPad with Apple Pencil because it feels more natural to sketch with a pen than with a finger, also it’s better for precision!


Thanks to Unum, you can prepare your Instagram feed in advance. When in doubt I open Unum and add the photos I want to post to see if they will match my feed. It’s definitely an app for perfectionists. 😛


Create digital moodboards with this app (by Wetransfer). I create boards for a topic, for example, “spring shades”. Here I will paste links, screenshots, quotes, anything related to this topic. Sometimes I find a nice blogpost but I don’t have time to read it so I paste the link in a board where I collect inspiring blogposts.



The app all the ladies ask about on Instagram. It’s an app for those who use natural cosmetics. My twin Xenia who is a beauty freak shared this app with me. Before using a product I recevied as a PR sample or before purchasing products, I scan the ingrdient list in Clean Beauty and it shows me if there are toxic ingredients and how many.

I hope this article was useful to you! Please let me know below if it was! Also, if you have other apps to share with me, go ahead! Kisses and talk to you soon!




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