‘Mentally Impaired Unicorns’: Stephen Colbert Loses It Over Undecided Voters

The “Late Show” host also took on Trump and his racist Proud Boys followers in a scathing — and at times raunchy — monologue. Via::       

More Than 170 People Test Positive For Coronavirus At Cornwall Meat Packing Plant

By Jasmin Gray More than 170 people have tested positive for Is Boris Johnson Giving The Country Enough Breathing Space To Flatten The Second Wave? Why ‘Chain Of Trust’ Is The Next Covid-19 Term You Need To Know About Via::       

Chrissy Teigen Shares Heart-Wrenching News She Has Suffered A Miscarriage

By Josie Harvey works to support anyone affected by the death of a baby. Tommy’s fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provide pregnancy health information to parents. Saying Goodbye offers support for anyone who has suffered the loss of a baby during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy. Via::       

Peers Set To Vote Again To Block Chlorinated Chicken Post-Brexit

By Arj Singh Peers are set to vote again to block cheap US food imports like chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef if Boris Johnson refuses to make concessions to Tory rebels. The Lords is determined to toughen up the law despite the prime minister’s resistance, with Labour insisting it is “hard to see what benefit […]

‘Who doesn’t love a plaid?’ How the Clueless look was made 25 years ago

By Lauren Cochrane Costume designer, Mona May, talks about the yellow plaid suit, that red Alaïa (“a-what-a?”) dress and other outfits that have ensured Clueless is a permanent fixture on fashion’s watchlist When it comes to films, the likes of Belle de Jour and Love Story have long been the default fashion classics. But the […]

Wondering How Uni Students Are Feeling? Like We’ve Been Thrown To The Wolves

By Kimi Chaddah Imagine having overcome a reformed and rigid GCSE system. Next, your A-levels are cancelled and you have to forcibly fight your way to a university place. Then, you’re forced into social isolation in a new place with people you don’t know, all the while being told to We Speak To A Student […]

Colston Fell. Now Black Bristolians Like Me Are Demanding A Better Future

By Stacey Olika You might not know this, but Bristol is one of the most segregated cities in the UK, with ethnic minorities experiencing Lockdown Let Me Be A More Present Dad – And Partner I’m Worried How Growing Up In A Pandemic Will Affect My Baby Britain’s Preparing For A Second Wave. But Shielders […]

Chrissy Teigen Shares Heart-Wrenching News She Lost Her Baby

Teigen and her husband, John Legend, were expecting their third child. Via::       

Shep Smith Debuts On CNBC With Somber Opener Denouncing The First Debate

“We’ve never seen any of this. Not in America. But from this, we march toward the vote,” the former Fox News host said. Via::       

Comedian Nails What It’s Like When Family Doesn’t Quite Get Social Distancing

“My mom when I ask if she and my dad are still taking the pandemic seriously,” Juliet Prather captioned her hilarious video. Via::       

Boris Johnson’s Father, Stanley, Pictured Shopping Without Face Covering

By Graeme Demianyk Boris Johnson’s father said he was “extremely sorry” after he was pictured shopping without wearing a face covering. Stanley Johnson was pictured in the Mirror newspaper perusing the shelves at a newsagents in west London on Tuesday, seemingly breaking the rules by not covering his mouth and nose. The picture emerged after […]

Weird Al Turns Biden-Trump Debate Into ‘America Is Doomed, The Musical’

Yankovic uses Auto-tune to make the presidential candidates sing, and the result is truly noteworthy. Via::       

Is Boris Johnson Giving The Country Enough Breathing Space To Flatten The Second Wave?

By Paul Waugh You’re reading The Waugh Zone, our daily politics briefing. Sign up now to get it by email in the evening. “If the evidence requires it, we will not hesitate to take further measures.” Boris Johnson‘s line in his latest press conference on Covid sounded awfully familiar. Since June, he’s used the same […]

Emma Stone Fell In Crazy, Stupid Love And Reportedly Married Dave McCary

The “La La Land” star has apparently been married to the “Saturday Night Live” director for a while. Via::       

29 Tonnes Of Carrots Have Been Dumped At Goldsmiths College Campus

By Graeme Demianyk Some 29 tonnes of carrots have been dumped at the campus of a London art school as part of an exhibition highlighting the divide between town and country. Mystery initially surrounded the orange produce that had been delivered to Goldsmiths in south London. A lorry was pictured offloading the vegetables on Wednesday. […]

Patrick Mahomes And Brittany Matthews Are Expecting A Baby

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback keeps piling on the joy in an otherwise rough 2020. Via::       

Jason Alexander Reveals The Violent Backlash He Got For Starring In ‘Pretty Woman’

“Women hated me,” the “Seinfeld” star revealed. Via::       

5 Glaring Omissions From Priti Patel’s Plan To Right Wrongs Of Windrush

By Nadine White Priti Patel has vowed to engineer a “cultural shift” towards a more “compassionate” Home Office as the government details how it will implement recommendations from the Windrush Lessons Learned review. On Wednesday, the home secretary reiterated that “institutional ignorance and thoughtlessness towards the issue of race and the history of the Windrush […]