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Digital fashion: This outfit will set you back £780 … and it’s just an illusion

By Hannah Marriott

Thanks to augmented reality, we can now dress to impress online, with no need for a solid equivalent in the real world

I’m in my suburban garden wearing an electric blue bodysuit which makes me look part water-sprite, part cyborg. Tendrils coil around my limbs. Impossible violet petals unfurl at my feet and explode around my body. What will the neighbours think?

Actually, if the neighbours looked they would see me shuffling around awkwardly in front of my husband’s iPhone lens, wearing a black vest and leggings, trying to find an angle that hides the sandpit. It is only later that the catsuit – designed by London-based duo Auroboros – is superimposed on to the image.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2021/apr/04/digital-fashion-this-outfit-will-set-you-back-780-and-its-just-an-illusion