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These 10 Baby Names Are Also The Most Expensive Street Names

By Victoria Richards

If you live on a street that contains one of this year’s most desirable baby names, you could see the value of your property rocket. Hear us out.

That’s according to Barratt Homes, who put together an online ‘
These Are The 10 Luckiest Baby Names To Give Your Child


A home on Alec Street could set you back as much as £5,807,701. No surprise when you consider that Alec is strong, meaning ‘defending men’.


A property on Jenna Street could cost you a mean £2,916,000. Jenna means ‘fair phantom’ and comes from the English.


Kathryn comes from the Greek, and means ‘pure’. It’s a variant of Katherine – and houses on a street bearing this name can cost as much as £1,965,000.


A French name meaning ‘guide’ or ‘leader’, Guy has a definite hint of aristocracy about it. Houses on a road named after Guy come in at £1,831,694.


Roger comes from the old French, meaning ‘fame’, ‘renowned’ and ‘spear’. Houses on roads of this name can set you back as much as £1,476,596.


Buy a house on Darcie Street and you might have to fork out £1,440,000 for the name, which means ‘dark-haired’, ‘dark’ or ‘descendant of the dark’ in Irish.


Mathew (yes, one ‘t’) means ‘gift of Yahweh’ and refers to the Hebrew God. A pad on a road named after Mathew could be snapped up for £1,207,892.


The name Basil (royal, kingly) comes from the male Greek name Vassilios and means ‘brave’ or ‘fearless’ – houses can cost £1,110,767.


The name Joel appears in the Hebrew bible and means “Yahu is god” or the modern translation “Yahweh Is God”. Houses come in at £877,332.


The name Vivienne means ‘alive’ and is of French origin. Houses on Vivienne Street sell for a substantial £837,500.

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