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Responding to a video of Burnham setting out his argument, another woman wrote on Facebook: “What about people’s health, overwhelming the NHS etc? You are certainly not representing the views of many who reside in Greater Manchester.”

This is the stance the government has taken in trying to impose the strictest coronavirus rules in the region.

In a press conference on Friday, the prime minister threatened to go over Burnham’s head and put tier 3 rules in place “in order to protect Manchester’s hospitals and save the lives of Manchester’s residents”.

“On recent trends, in just over two weeks there will be more Covid patients in intensive care than at the peak of the first wave,” Johnson said, “so I urge the mayor to reconsider and engage constructively.

“I cannot stress enough: time is of the essence. Each day that passes before action is taken means more people will go to hospital, more people will end up in intensive care and, tragically, more people will die.”

But Burnham has accused the prime minister of exaggerating the number of cases in the region during the press conference, telling the BBC on Sunday that cases across Greater Manchester were only “up slightly”, while infections had fallen in the city of Manchester in recent days.

Student Mollie Simpson says a tier 3 lockdown without additional support could have dire consequences

For Mollie Simpson – a final year university student in Manchester – it’s not just the physical effects of the coronavirus pandemic that the government should be focusing on.

She told HuffPost UK that imposing a tier 3 lockdown without offering additional mental health support could leave tens of thousands of students in the region in difficult circumstances.

Many students are already dealing with the effects of being away from home in the middle of a global pandemic, the 22-year said.

“I think students will feel isolated and trapped by a Manchester lockdown.

“Students’ first time away from home can be lonely and alienating as it is, without the additional stress factor of a forced lockdown meaning they can’t travel out of a high risk zone and go home.

“Coronavirus has spread like wildfire through university halls, morale feels low and students feel abandoned and unsure of the rules.”

Meanwhile, many students rely on part-time jobs that are likely to be slashed if the strictest lockdown restrictions are brought in, Mollie said. “A lot of my friends can’t afford to live here without working – if a full furlough package isn’t met, they could be left behind.”

She added: “I think delaying restrictions is necessary until Manchester is given the resources to safely protect its citizens through a full furlough scheme and much more mental health support.”


Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/greater-manchester-deadlock-tier-three-lockdown_uk_5f8da883c5b62dbe71c521d9