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Apps of my life

By Anna Katina

Hello my friends! First of all, thanks a lot for the feedback regarding my car:). For those who haven’t read the news, you can read it here. Today, I am sharing with you my favourite apps I use on my iphone. Since I received the new iPhone XS Max, I decided to organise my phone with more creative apps for my digital content as well install additional, useful tools for my everyday life and work. I will not talk about the phone, photo and mail app as it is obvious that they’re essential! Most of the apps are free but I usually upgrade to experience full services. Each of them is linked so you can find it and its integrated purchases easily in one click. 🙂 PS: At the end of this article, a little giveaway is waiting for you…enjoy!


I only use Instagram and Facebook as social media. From time to time I post on Snapchat and Pinterest but they are not my favourite apps. So let’s say a few words about these two platforms I use in my everyday-life, for personal and professional purposes.


Instagram is the app I use the most. I love to work on my feed (I’m a perfectionist), I love sharing photos on Instagram and receive feedback, I try to inspire others and give them ideas about what to wear, where to travel and how to take nice photos. I share a lot of my everyday life in my Insta Stories, not only for my followers but also for myself as I can do some tracking when scrolling back in time. For example, I made an Insta Story of my first week of figure iceskating and I will track my evolution by watching my own previous Insta Stories. I love to interact with my community, ask for advice, share tips and products I use etc. Instagram is a great tool for inspiration. I discover many interesting artists and bloggers thanks to this app but also destinations, coffee shops, hotels, fashion brands etc. Also, I run Instagram pages for several clients so you can imagine how much time I spend on this social media platform.


I run a few Facebook Pages as well so it’s very useful to have this app as I can do everything on my iPhone instead of working on the laptop. Also, I receive many private message on this app and I’ve realised that it’s useful for my community to have direct links on Facebook when I publish a new blogpost.

Messaging Apps

Messenger by Facebook and Whatsapp are two apps I use for private and business conversations. To be honest, I’d prefer to communicate with the normal iPhone Messenger only but somehow people love WhatsApp and I need to be reachable for friends, family & clients so obviously all these channels are needed.


Now to the apps I use to create digital content shared on social media. They include apps to edit photos, to create creative insta stories, flyers, banners etc.


I edit my Instagram photos with VSCO. I love the filters, I don’t always use the same ones but my favourite filters are A4, C5, C6, M5, HB2. The photo below was edited with the C6 filter. PS: Little hint about my next blogpost because better late than never – my trip to Japan!



Snapseed is another photo editing app. I use it to work on the colours of an edited photo (saturation etc). In fact, ‘selective’ is the only tool I use on this app but they have other intresting tools like the ‘expand’ tool ! Did you ever wish you could add more space around your subject after the photo has been taken for Instagram? You can do this with Snapseed by using ‘expand’!


Lightroom by Adobe is the compact form of the desktop version. I use it for selective colour correction as well but in future I will install new presets to the app that I’ve created on Photoshop!

8 MM

My favourite app for videos! It adds a vintage, grainy ambiance to your videos! The video below was filmed with this app, I love the effect, don’t you?


I use Afterlight to add some dust to my photos but you might like their filters and editing tools which are good but as I’m used to VSCO already, I don’t need additional apps for editing.


Instasize is another photo app which I use to add frames to Instagram posts. For the Belle Etoile profile that I manage, I use frames because the feed is a mix of phots I take in the shopping centre, in my studio plus inspiration photos of the stores represented by the shopping mall. As there are different styles of photos, the frames separate these which creates a coherence although the posts are different one from another. I don’t know if it’s clear what I say? 😛

freelance social media manager best apps iphone


An amazing tool to create logos and flyers! I love the variety of fonts, graphics and templates it’s offering!


Nomo is a mobile polaroid! Yes, it’s even written: shake the phone after taking the photo! xD. The effect is not bad, when I first saw photos on Instagram taken or edited with this app, I thought they were scans from real polaroids!


The app for creative instastories! I purchased most collections because I love creating creative Insta Stories and the Unfold frames enable a moodboard style that I really like.


best apps social media manager content creator blogger


Google analytics gives you access to all of your web and app data from your mobile device. You can monitor recent changes with real time reports, share these reports with anyone. You can see how many visits your blog had over a specific period, identify the traffic sources etc.


Notes is a basic default app on iPhone. I write down anything which comes to my mind before copying the most important things into my notebook afterwards. In fact, I prefer writing down everything in my planner manually (a dedicated blogpost about my planner is coming), but sometimes when I don’t have my planner close, Notes saves me. Save for the calendar app, a few things are marked in my calendar app but my planner is my number one in terms of organisation.


Sketches is a funny app to sketch (nooo really? xD) Indeed, when I have an idea in mind about a logo, a hand-lettering game for a photo. Most of the time, I use this app on my iPad with Apple Pencil because it feels more natural to sketch with a pen than with a finger, also it’s better for precision!


Thanks to Unum, you can prepare your Instagram feed in advance. When in doubt I open Unum and add the photos I want to post to see if they will match my feed. It’s definitely an app for perfectionists. 😛


Create digital moodboards with this app (by Wetransfer). I create boards for a topic, for example, “spring shades”. Here I will paste links, screenshots, quotes, anything related to this topic. Sometimes I find a nice blogpost but I don’t have time to read it so I paste the link in a board where I collect inspiring blogposts.



The app all the ladies ask about on Instagram. It’s an app for those who use natural cosmetics. My twin Xenia who is a beauty freak shared this app with me. Before using a product I recevied as a PR sample or before purchasing products, I scan the ingrdient list in Clean Beauty and it shows me if there are toxic ingredients and how many.

I hope this article was useful to you! Please let me know below if it was! Also, if you have other apps to share with me, go ahead! Kisses and talk to you soon!


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