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Electric Car Subsidy Cut Will Make Them Unaffordable For The Foreseeable Future

By Sara Spary

Bad news if you want to go green but don’t have thousands of pounds to spend on a car – the Department for Transport has cut a grant for new electric and hybrid cars making them even more expensive.

The UK government had been funding a subsidy to make them more affordable, with the most eco-friendly cars eligible for a £4,500 and a discount of up to £2,500 for cars considered category two and three eco-friendly cars.

But it has announced discounts on category two and three cars will be axed altogether, and that the discount for the most eco-friendly cars on the market will be reduced to £3,500 from November 12.

The AA and the RAC have hit out at the move, slamming it as a “major blow” to plans to encourage consumers to buy more efficient cars and slash air pollution by ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars.

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