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How the Sixties Influenced the Costumes for ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’

The first time costume designer Danny Glicker read the script for the film “Bad Times at the El Royale,” he was moved by the era in which it took place — the Sixties. It was a decade of tumult: assassinations, war and an incredible amount of political unrest and dissatisfaction. Culturally speaking, an enormous shift rumbled as well. The old guard gave way to a new generation. Glicker found the narrative of the movie centered around archetypes — the hippie cult leader, played by Chris Hemsworth; the good-old-boy role filled by Jon Hamm — that, as the story goes on, are subsequently dismantled.
“For a costume designer, those are all very exciting places to begin thinking about a project,” Glicker said.
Glicker got to work fleshing out what the characters looked like, as he envisioned them emerging from the page into fully fledged people. He saw the struggling girl-group soul singer Darlene Sweet, performed by Cynthia Erivo, in a beehive hairdo typical of Sixties Motown singers, while Hamm would don a plaid sport jacket and horn-rimmed glasses, and Hemsworth would rock a white button-down with artful embroidery on the back.

Cynthia Erivo portrays a soul singer in the film.
Photo: Kimberley French

Glicker, who

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