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How I Did It: A Doctor Who Ditched Medicine & Launched a Luxury Shoe Line

(In a new series, “How I Did It,” FN profiles successful footwear and fashion players — from entrepreneurs to designers to top executives at major brands — and reveals how they carved their path into the industry.)
When footwear entrepreneur Taryn Rose sold her business in 2008 for $40 million, it did little to erase the disappointment her parents felt when she decided not to follow in her father’s footsteps and practice medicine.
Disappointment was an understatement, according to Rose, who abandoned a career as an orthopedic surgeon to pursue the shoe business. “They didn’t talk to me for years, “ she said, about her parents. “It was pre-ordained. It wasn’t a choice. I was the oldest and had to set an example.”
Today, Rose, 51, is back in the industry as creative consultant of the brand now under the Global Brands Group umbrella. With the powerhouse company now behind her she can focus on the fashion side of the business she launched 20 years ago.
“The first time around, if people didn’t get paid, it was [all] on me,” said Rose, who started the business with money from credit cards, home equity loans and support from family and friends. “I was exhausted after

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