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Fashion for Good Encourages Consumers to Be More Responsible About Consumption With New ‘Museum’ in Amsterdam

Fashion for Good, the Dutch organization dedicated to circular fashion, has opened what it is billing as “the first interactive museum for sustainable fashion innovation.”
Housed in FFG’s 40,000-square-foot building on Amsterdam’s Rokin Street, “the museum” is actually part of a 9,000-square-foot space that also includes a store and a laboratory of sorts. The bulk of the building is dedicated to its incubator for start-ups. Through a series of interactive experiences, visitors will learn about actions they can take to be more responsible consumers.
Going on the premise that fashion is stuck in a “take-make-waste” pattern, which leads to dramatic environmental impact and huge economic losses, FFG is trying to reverse that by educating people and encouraging them to take steps in their own lives. On average, 60 percent more clothing is purchased today compared to 15 years ago, but items are only kept half as long. In addition, about 60 percent of all clothing ends up being burned or in landfills within one year of being made, according to FFG.
The free Amsterdam museum is designed to be interactive with new technologies that prompt visitors to examine their consumption habits and buyer behavior. Guests can learn how their garments are made in

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