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Sofia Hublitz Keeps It Vague

Sofia Hublitz has a lot up her sleeve — she’s just not quite ready to let you in on it just yet.
For instance, she’s calling in from a brief vacation in North Carolina, where she lived for four years, but she won’t say quite where. “I’m going to [stay] as vague as possible, because it’s a very small town,” she says. “But I will say that it’s coastal, and it’s by the Outer Banks.”
Of it being one of her last moments of calm before her fall schedule kicks into gear, she’s equally mysterious. “For conversation’s sake, I’ll say yes,” she says, with a kick of playfulness. She’s clearly having fun here.
Hublitz, 19, has been acting for several years, but wants you to know she’s not a child actor all grown up. Acting is something she “just kind of fell into,” through school. “I don’t even remember at this point. But I definitely didn’t do it as a kid,” she says. “I didn’t even get my first job until I was 15. But I had not been working before that. So I don’t consider myself a child actor. I consider that to be like ‘she’s been working since she was two!

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