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L:a Bruket Brings Natural and Nontoxic Brand to the U.S.

With all the attention that’s been directed to Asian skin care, a duo from Sweden want to enlighten U.S. customers about their country’s heritage in finding beauty in nature.
This month, Monica Kylén and Mats Johansson, founders of L:a Bruket, a Swedish natural and nontoxic skin-care brand, are launching in the U.S. L:a Bruket sports a large footprint across the globe, including a flagship in the brand’s birthplace of Varberg, Sweden, Stockholm and most recently, Tokyo.
“We started small scale in 2009 and we are confident enough now to expand to the U.S. and other markets,” said Johansson. “We feel we have something to offer in more involved skin care with natural and organic ingredients.”
The foray into the U.S. coincides with mounting demands in America for less caustic formulas. “It is a good thing so many brands are taking a more natural path,” Johansson added. “However, what we do differently to other brands is take a more holistic approach on skin care and focus more on general skin health.”
That means more than applying L:a Bruket’s lineup, but also drinking more water and getting better sleep. Good skin comes from a total approach, the company’s founders maintained.
The ingredients in L:a Bruket were inspired by the Swedish environment, including those able

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