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I Wore Flip-Flops in NYC for a Weekend, and This Is How Much Bacteria They Accumulated

New Yorkers can be quite opinionated about things, like owning a car while living in the city or wearing flip-flops on the streets. And when it comes to the latter, this editor is no exception.
I’ve always detested flip-flops, but I had always suspected they were disgusting, and I didn’t have any way of knowing for sure. As part of an FN experiment, I decided to take arguably America’s most popular summer shoe out for a stroll around NYC. That’s when I confirmed what I had already known: Flip-flops in the city are, yes, incredibly disgusting.
It began with a walk on the Columbia University campus. It hadn’t been more than an hour and a half before the inverted V-strap of the flip-flops started to form blisters on the top and sides of my feet. In the evening, I took them out to the grocery store — a 20-minute walk from my apartment. Despite the light sprinkling of rain, I spotted a few other flip-flop-wearing New Yorkers going about their business at the grocery store, Starbucks and the bank.
The following day, I braved rainy weather conditions to meet with my friend Zach, who was just as surprised as I was to see that

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