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Crystal Moselle, in With the ‘Skate Kitchen’ Crew

Art imitates life in Crystal Moselle’s latest film and first scripted feature “Skate Kitchen.”
Finding inspiration from everyday encounters in New York is the basis for her approach to filmmaking, be it documentary or feature. The 38-year-old director infamously spotted the eventual subjects of her 2015 documentary “The Wolfpack” on the street in the East Village. “I literally chased this group of kids down the street and made a film; it’s something that just goes off and I tune in and go after it,” says Moselle from a plush couch inside coworking space The Assemblage.
This time around, she found her subjects in a similarly serendipitous on-the-go manner — on public transit.
“I met the girls on the subway about two and a half years ago. The girls had skateboards, which you don’t see very often, so I was like, ‘Let’s do some sort of project together,’” she says of meeting the female skate crew. Moselle originally thought she’d make a feature documentary about the group, who run the popular Instagram account @theskatekitchen. But when Miu Miu tapped her for their Women’s Tales short film series, Moselle created a fictionalized world for the girls to play versions of themselves. During the Sundance Screenwriters

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