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Matalan Security Guard ‘Threatened To Shank’ Shopper In Argument Over Returns

By Chris York

A security guard at a branch of Matalan is alleged to have threatened to “shank” a customer when a dispute over a return purchase escalated.

Mostafa Mohamed, who visited the chain’s Charlton store on Saturday with his 60-year-old parents, said the guard partially removed his shirt and apparently threatened to stab him, before threatening: “I’ll fuck you up” after they questioned the returns policy.

Mohamed said his parents were told they could only exchange the items in return for vouchers, despite allegedly getting a cash refund for other items they’d taken back a few days earlier.

When they questioned the apparent inconsistency in the returns policy, he said the store manager became aggressive and called over a security guard to remove them from the shop.

Mohamed told HuffPost UK: “I heard my mum ask the shop assistant ‘when do the vouchers expire?’. She asked the manager and the manager said in a really sarcastic manner with a grin on her face: ‘when Matalan closes down’.

“So I asked her if there was a reason she was being so facetious and she called to the security guard and said ‘watch this one, sort him after’.”

At this point Mohamed says the security guard became aggressive, shouting “you can’t talk to me like that” and “I’ll fuck you up”.

“He then started to remove his shirt, there and then in the middle of the store, went chest-to-chest with me and said ‘come on let’s go outside right now, I don’t even care about this job. I can find out where you live from the store database and if I don’t do you now I can do you later’.”

Mohamed also claims the security guard threatened to “shank” him, a word commonly used as slang for “stab”.

“I don’t know where this animosity came from. The only thing I can think of, that seems to have triggered the reaction to him, was ‘you’ve got nothing better to do than stand there and watch us’.

“That was the thing that really seemed to hurt his ego,” Mohamed said.

The guard then allegedly followed them to a nearby coffee shop and waited outside. After mulling their options the couple decided to go back and apologise to “get it over with”.

A spokesperson for Matalan said: “We are dedicated to offering an outstanding shopping experience to all customers, so we are taking this complaint, regarding a visit to our Charlton store, very seriously and the relevant teams are looking into it as an urgent matter.”

Mohamed’s wife, Farah Jasset, also tweeted about the incident.

Astounded that my family was threatened by @Matalan@MatalanHelp@CordantServices security guard after being instructed by Charlton store manager to ‘sort them out’. Massive security guard tried to start a physical fight, unbuttoned his shirt + told them ‘I’ll f*** you up.’ 1/4

— Farah Jassat (@farahjassat) July 30, 2018

Minor refund policy dispute was escalated by store manager and security guard into threats of violence. Guard even left the store, followed my family into a nearby coffee shop and waited outside, intimidating and threatening. Had to call police in fear of personal safety. 2/4

— Farah Jassat (@farahjassat) July 30, 2018

This traumatic incident has shaken elderly parents who have never in their life been treated in this way. Seeking legal advice. @MatalanHelp@Matalan@CordantServices how will you investigate this incident and ensure people involved are held to account? 3/4

— Farah Jassat (@farahjassat) July 30, 2018

PS: who unbuttons a shirt in order to start a fight INSIDE THE STORE THEY WORK AT? What a caricature of a TV thug. Charlton Matalan felt like a gang of thugs rather than a professional shop. Watch your CCTV @MatalanHelp and see your circus of a store. 4/4

— Farah Jassat (@farahjassat) July 30, 2018

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/matalan-security-guard_uk_5b5f0abce4b0de86f4992a20