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Upgrade Your Birkenstocks With a Pair of Affordable Replacement Insoles

Iconic wellness footwear brand Birkenstock has come a long way from its start in Germany in 1774. No longer the brand of choice among a granola crunching crowd, today Birkenstocks are a must-have among fashionistas around the world. The attraction? The comfort delivery through it signature footbed.
The brand’s signature footbed is designed to allow toes to move more naturally, promoting enhanced balance and foot alignment, while encouraging natural gripping motion of the feet. The pronounced arches promote even weight distribution and proper posture, while the deep heel cup keeps natural cushioning under the heel bone.
While Birkenstock sandals are built around a footbed and can’t be removed, the brand now offers a range of closed-toe styles with removable footbeds that can be replaced with a fresh pair.
Before considering a replacement, check the Birkenstock style you have to determine which over-the-counter version is best suited to your shoe.
For those considering replacing the insole of other shoe brands with a Birkenstock, make sure those styles have toe boxes wide enough to accommodate its unique shape.
Below, are a range of replacment footbeds from Birkenstock, all under $70.
Blue Footbed Arch Support – Casual
Birkenstock’s popular arch support is designed for flat casual shoes and provides firm

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