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The Watermill Center Celebrates 25 Years and Honors Pierre Bergé

“I remember coming here when Bob first looked at the property, and it was a Western Union Telegraph place. It was a cinder block building with nothing in it,” said Peggy Siegal on Saturday night, the rhythmic ping of exploding paint balls sounding beside her. An armored man was stationed inside a glass cube in the courtyard firing off rainbow-colored pellets, an amuse-bouche for the performance art which laid ahead in the woods.
“They’re usually making out, fornicating, doing whatever,” Siegal added, making her way onto the winding art trail.
The Watermill Center’s annual summer benefit certainly contributes a heavy dose of color to the Hamptons summertime social calendar, and is one of the more cherished events of the season – even more so this year, as it marks the avant-garde organization’s 25th anniversary. To mark the milestone, founder Bob – that would be Robert Wilson- chose to posthumously honor his friend and longtime supporter, Pierre Bergé.
“He was the first major supporter, and without his support I would have probably not had Water Mill,” said Wilson as daylight began to wane. “And he was a big supporter of my work for many years, and a dear friend. He was a great humanitarian – there

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